Club Spotlight: Fashion Club

Fashion Club Display Case
Fashion Club Display Case

Two little girls who once tromped around in their mom’s stilettos have grown up to do what every fashion-loving girl dreams to accomplish. They created a Fashion Club to take the school by storm!

Every year, new clubs are introduced into Hanover High’s extensive spectrum, and students from all grades are encouraged to branch out and associate with others with similar interests. This year, one of these new and exciting clubs is Fashion Club, founded by juniors Haley Martin and Bruna DaCosta. Interested in fashion since they were little girls, they aspire to bring their love of fashion to Hanover’s student body.

“We think that many people don’t realize that fashion exists in their daily lives,” they said. “Our goal is to bring that to everyone’s attention. We want to get the entire student body excited about fashion. Feeling good about yourself isn’t a crime.”

Every student has probably passed by the Fashion Club display case outside the library, seen flyers for sign-ups, or heard announcements about meetings. But many people are still unaware of what Fashion Club actually does. When asked about meetings, Haley and Bruna replied, “Our goal is to create a welcoming environment for all fashion lovers to come and express their fashion intellect and ideas. We discuss all the latest trends and major fashion moments in the fashion world.” The club currently has about 12 members, but new ones are always welcome.

Things are always kept interesting in the club, and the four officers, Bruna, Haley, Bryanna Gillis, and Haley Kmito, are always coming up with creative ways to involve their members. It helps that the group is not advised by a teacher, providing extensive opportunities and freedom for fund raisers. “There is always something going on! We like to keep our members busy with fund raisers and tasks like choosing a best dressed boy and girl in their grade.” They helped do makeup for the student production of You Can’t Take it With You and are even planning a fashion show at HHS in late May!

Bruna and Haley encourage anyone who’s interested in fashion to give the club a chance, even those who are interested in the different aspects of fashion besides clothes. There are members who are interested in hair, some who are intrigued by makeup, and some who enjoy the marketing aspect. They all have their own unique roles to play in the club. And the club focuses not just on high-end fashion, but on all styles and brands.

It is clear how passionate Bruna and Haley are about fashion. They aspire to grow their club and even expand into the lower grades at the middle school. “We want to get kids excited about fashion at a young age so they learn leadership roles and can continue our legacy,” they said.

They are right when they say how fashion plays a huge role in our daily lives —  everyone is touched by fashion in some way, whether it’s the way they style their hair, wear their makeup, or the clothes they pick out in the morning. We all are involved in our own fashion sense, and joining Fashion Club would only flourish that desire to look good. Said the club’s founders: “We hoped that creating this club would lead to a school full of self worth and polished individuals who dressed for success.”

Fashion Club can be found on Twitter at

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