Learning Your Teacher: Mr. Amonte

Mr. Amonte, the Probability and Statistics teacher, up on the third floor, is a teacher all because of a simple opportunity. When he was originally a plumber, he unfortunately got laid off, which gave him a choice. He explored his career opportunities to become a math teacher, something he had always wanted to be. Before coming to Hanover High School, he taught at Granite Academy, a private school in Braintree.

“It has been a very nice experience to come to a great school system like Hanover,” he said. “The staff has welcomed me and I have a positive interaction with everyone I have met from the high school.”

Mr. Amonte had always wanted to be an educator. He worked construction in the summers to pay for college, which eventually led to getting his plumbing license.

As we all know, the class of 2014 is graduating very soon. We look to teachers and other peers for some advice. Mr. Amonte simply says, “Adults have to be adults. Youth can choose to act like adults or just be kids.”

He advises students not to try to grow up too fast. “I would choose to be a kid for as long as possible”, he said.

You’re always going to want to have your inner child, having some fun in your life. Therefore, when he is not teaching here, or correcting students’ work, he enjoys spending time with his family.

Mr. Amonte is a fabulous new edition to the High School, at least in my opinion. He can keep the kids’ attention and he knows when to be serious.

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