Memories Made at Student Council Conference

Photo courtesy of Lauren Murray

What is MASC? Four letters could mean a combination of so many things, but in this case, stand for the Massachusetts Association of Student Councils. But MASC is so much more than its acronym. It is a collection of student councils from all over the state that operates under an executive board composed of a select few of these same students. Every year, MASC holds a conference in the spring that is packed with events, workshops, and activities that keep all of Massachusetts’ student leaders busy and excited. During the three- day conference, you are able to meet tons of new friends from all over the state, learn all about different events and fundraisers held at other schools, take part in many fun projects and activities, and hear from a handful of student leaders and inspiring motivational speakers. It is a fantastic experience that every student council member would be fortunate to attend!

All of the HHS students who were a part of this year’s MASC spring conference would definitely agree with me when I say that the MASC experience is one that is too incredible to be described in a few paragraphs. This year, Hanover was represented by 10 students: Brian Meehan, Mikayla Matheson, Emma Stone, Matt Jillett, Emily Teidke, Haley Martin, Maya Collins, Lauren Murray, Dante Nicotera, and myself, along with Hanover’s two student council advisors, Mr. Hegarty and Mr. Centorino. As the conference was at the Hyannis Resort and Conference Center, we lodged in the Cape Codder Resort during the two nights spent away from home.

MASC LogoThe first day was filled with campaigning for elections to the 2014-2015 MASC executive board, which were held the following day. Hanover was fortunate to be represented in the election by Lauren Murray, who ran on a Disney-themed campaign for president, complete with fairy tale shirts, a larger-than-life campaign sign, and golden star beaded necklaces passed out to conference attendees before voting time. The first night also included a multitude of fun events, including a lip-synch contest in which towns competed against each other with creative dance moves and synchronized acts to popular songs. There was also a school spirit dance and karaoke available for participation, and earlier, a motivational speaker who was interactive, influential, and undoubtedly inspiring. The next day was filled with various workshops run by student council members statewide. Every workshop was brimming with new people to meet and fun games to play to get to know those around you and learn how to be a better leader. You truly are introduced to many new situations and experiences that change your perspectives on many things about leadership, and just life in general. After another session with a guest speaker, the second night was capped off with a banquet and a dance, where everyone dresses in formal wear, eats stuffed chicken, hears speeches from leaders and advisors alike, and finally, congregates on the dance floor under the pulsating lights of a DJ booth. Finally, the third and final day arrives as a bittersweet ending, bringing sad goodbyes from new friends and a chance to look back on all of the memories made before embarking on the long bus ride home.

And what fond memories they truly were… Although Lauren Murray did not win her election, I think she’d agree that MASC was a fantastic experience that we will never forget. All of the workshops, activities, events, speakers, and new faces left an impression on me that will never go away. I left MASC a better leader and happier individual, and it is definitely something I recommend attending in the future, and something that I will definitely be returning to in a year’s time.

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