Fay’s Favorites: What tops her reading list?

If you didn’t already know, this is Mrs. Christine Fay, one of the greatest English teachers here at Hanover High School. Mrs. Fay has been teaching English at Hanover High since September of 2003. This year, Fay is teaching sophomores, juniors and two sections of Advanced Placement Language and Composition. In the past, she has also taught freshman and seniors, but she truly enjoys teaching juniors because “they start to get serious about making some major decisions regarding their futures.” She likes to help guide them through that whole process.

Mrs. Fay’s favorite book is Angle of Repose by  her favorite author, Wallace Stegner. In this 1971 novel, you read about a man’s family living in the Midwest during the gold rush. Lyman Ward, fictional narrator of the book, also includes details about the disappointments of his life, including his divorce. “It really starts to feel as if you are living with the characters,” says Fay.

Interestingly enough, Fay found her love for reading at a very young age. At just the age of 7, Fay had started reading chapter books. Little House on the Prairie, one of the children’s books from the series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, was what opened Fay’s eyes into reading and she hasn’t stopped reading since. Not only was she reading at age 7, but she wrote a few books herself! “I used to write little picture books,” says Fay. More recently, Fay edited and published Walled-In: Anthology of the Apes! I guess you could say she’s definitely stepped it up since her picture book phase. This is not a novel, but a compilation of original writings, written by her AP students. A copy is available in the library or you can purchase this on Lulu.com!

Although Mrs. Fay could recommend countless books to countless students, one book she would recommend to all HHS students is Please Stop Laughing at Me by Jodee Blanco. This tells of the author’s experiences being bullied in school. “It makes you think twice before you say something” says Fay. ” And it gives you hope that it gets better.” It teaches you that “sometimes great adversity can lead to great success.”

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