Hopes and Goals for the School Year!

Question: What are your biggest hopes during the year?

Emily-Rose Manser, ’16:

During her past sophomore year, Emily spent an exciting and experience-filled year in Switzerland, studying at an international school. The experience of a lifetime! Emily’s goals and hopes for this year are to have foreign exchange students hopefully attend our own school. Junior year is a big one!


Annika Rowland, ’16:

As a member of student council, Annika hopes the junior prom this coming April is a swell time, and runs smoothly. Right now, she is working hard with her class to achieve this. In addition, with the tests and exam pressure incredibly high for juniors, Annika shares, “I hope to do exceptionally well on the SATs.” For the junior class, SATs and ACTs are right around the corner lurking; beware! Annika, a member of ski team, wants to get the word out about the club as well, and is hoping for the best season possible with the team.

Annika Rowland


Sara White, ’15

Known as “Swhite” to almost the entire the student body, Sara is preparing for college and starting to think about the future. When not attending an incredible amount of extracurricular groups, she’s thinking about schools and the application progress. She hopes to maintain good grades and get into colleges of her choice. Senior year is crazy and exciting and jam packed, and “Swhite” is looking to have all that and more, of course. “One of my hopes is definitely to have an amazing last year here,” says Sara. Wishing “Swhite” all the best!

Sara White

Michael Meads, ’16:

With Mike’s best efforts put forward, he wants the Interact Junior Rotary Club to work successfully in its first year here at Hanover High, with as much participation as possible. “It’s worth it for everybody to check it out and see what it has to offer,” says Mike on this club he co-founded here at school. As a member of the school’s student council, he has goals set for himself regarding the executive board, where the pressure is on. As a member of the hockey and cross country team, Mike also wishes the best for each of these sports. “I really hope hockey has a great season once again,” says Mike after last winter’s exciting journey to the state championship game, with just about every student following.

 Mike Meads

Emma McMahon, ’17:

Emma’s goals for her sophomore year begin with just making it through the year itself! As a volleyball player, she’s hoping for the best for the freshmen, junior varsity, and varsity teams. She hopes to continue her honor roll academic streak, and is looking to branch out to other clubs. “Honestly I just live and see what happens, similar to what I did today,” Emma says casually.

Emma McMahon



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