Band Going Strong as Ever

The Band has undergone many changes in the past year. First and foremost, Mr. Harden is the Band’s new director. He was hired in early July so that the Band would be able to get going in time for summer Band Camp. Before coming to Hanover, Mr. Harden was the Music Department Head at Rockland High School and directed their high school and middle school bands.

Their first major event of the year was Band Camp, which took place August 18-22 at Camp Wind in the Pines in Plymouth. During Band Camp, the Band begins the process of learning the halftime show that they perform during every home football game. This year, the show is based on songs by Earth, Wind, and Fire. The opener is “In The Stone,” the ballad is “After the Love is Gone,” and the closer is a mashup of “Getaway” and “September.” The Band has been working diligently on their show and will be ready to perform for the first home football game on October 3rd. You won’t want to miss it.

At the same time, the Band has been out performing in some new gigs. The Band performed the National Anthem at the varsity boys soccer game against Middleboro on September 9. They also played our school’s fight song during the first few minutes of the game.

On September 19, the Band traveled with the football team to an away game and performed as a pep band during the game. Many people commented that it was nice to be able to hear the band play at away football games as well. Everyone in Band hopes that away game performances become a regular thing.

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