HHS Rotary Interact: Service Above Self

What is a rotary club, you may ask? And why have you never heard of one before? Well the fact is, Rotary Clubs exist all over the world. Over 1.2 million people internationally participate in Rotary Clubs, and they label themselves as community leaders who strive to create positive and long-lasting change both in their respective communities and around the world.

Hanover prides itself on being part of the Tri Town Rotary Club along with Norwell and Pembroke, but many people, especially students here at Hanover High, have never heard of the club. Rotary Clubs aren’t always front and center on the town’s radar; members primarily work behind the scenes at doing good and bringing service to the community. Their motto, “service above self,” really does ring true in their actions both displayed in town fundraisers and also international projects.The Tri Town Rotary Club participates in many local projects, fundraising for different charities, and also partners with other clubs around the globe to aid them in achieving a goal or helping an important cause. The executives of the Rotary Club have been attempting to begin a Junior Rotary Club within Hanover High for years, but only now has it begun to take off.

The Rotary Club members, along with many of Hanover’s eager students, are incredibly excited to begin their work as official Rotary Club members.The Rotary Interact Club, Hanover High’s Junior Rotary Club division, will help out at these fundraising projects, lending hands at events and even creating their own fundraising and community service project ideas. Mike Meads, one of the most dedicated student Rotary Club supporters, says, “The Rotary Interact Club is going to be really fun and provide great opportunities for students like us looking to make a difference. I’m really glad that we get the chance to participate!”

Mrs. Maura Aborn, a Hanover High Teacher who helped institute the Rotary Interact Club in the school, said, “I am very excited that we are initiating the interact club at Hanover High School… I think that kids here at school would really benefit not only from helping out in the community, but also from some of the connections they will be able to make with businesses in the community, so I think it’s going to be great!”

One of the many benefits of the Rotary Club is the constant stream of community service opportunities. Lately, Hanover High School has begun placing a great importance on community service; the school board recently passed a policy where every student must complete 10 hours of community service per year in order to fulfill graduation requirements, adding up to a total 40 by the end of senior year. Some students struggle when attempting to find community service opportunities, but through HHS’ Rotary Club, community service opportunities will come easily. Students are encouraged to join the club to aid them in finding ways to help out in the community and in communities around the world.

The Junior Rotary Interact Club meets Mondays after school in Room 317, and is advised by the Middle School’s Laura Breault. New members are always welcome, and the club looks forward to making Hanover and its surrounding communities a better place for all.

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