HHS Sends Team to Breast Cancer Walk

At approximately 7:00 am on Sunday, October 5, members of Hanover High’s student body departed for Boston on the T-train at Braintree. You might ask, what for? They were heading to the Breast Cancer walk that has been attended annually in recent years by students from student council, community service groups, and various sports team. The six mile walk spanned across Boston, and the day was altogether beautiful being sunny, with a mostly clear sky, and crisp for a walk, with a bit of wind. Prior to the walk, those involved sold t-shirts, sunglasses, bracelets, and accepted donations. Senior Lauren Murray, representing Hanover’s field hockey team and an avid member of student council, organized the walk and served as the leader.

She too, thought it was a fabulous day. “The breast cancer walk is becoming a bigger and bigger success every year,” she said. “The past two years I have run the walk and it surprised me every time I walked into the Braintree T-station to see a huge crowd, decked out in pink, ready to walk for a great cause. It reminds me how spirited Hanover is and how our student body is willing to make a change. I love this school, and the Breast Cancer walk is an example of love.”

“The walk was so much fun, and was really a great day as a whole,” said junior Cassie Maver. Another junior, Ally Knight, said, “The walk was great! Getting your friends to participate makes it awesome and community service is always great to get into and participate! I really enjoyed myself.”

Hanover High constantly has community service opportunities, so keep your eyes peeled, and make sure you participate in the Breast Cancer walk in October ’15, and even the Walk for Hunger, coming in May!

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