How Do You Want Your Parents to Handle Bad Grade?

Question: How would you want your parents to react to a bad grade/report card?


Julianna Alicea, ’17: I want them to not yell at me, which usually happens. Personally, I would prefer if they actually didn’t even look at it at all! That would be much better.


Victoria Radin, ’17: I want them to know that I tried my best! I also never like it when people get mad or angry with me, so I prefer that I wouldn’t be yelled at either.


Colleen Dowd, ’16: If I got a bad grade, I wouldn’t want my parents to freak out at me right away. I hope that they would understand and especially give me a chance to redeem myself. Students get stressed out enough and I would rather avoid more stress altogether. Anyways, “yolo” is what I really think.


Joe MacDonald, ’15: If I got a bad grade, I know my parents would take away my phone and electronics, which I hate! This would make me sad, and is my motivation sometimes to not get bad grades. This always happens to me.


Lauren Gelly, ’18: I would want my parents to handle my bad grade, or report card, by making me stay after and trying to realize what I’m doing wrong, and hopefully learn from my mistakes. I would be the one mad about it because it doesn’t affect their future, it affects mine! It affects me and my future for college, it is my responsibility.

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