Review: The Truth is a Shock in “We Were Liars”

When I first started reading We Were Liars, by E. Lockhart,  I thought it was going to be about a rich family that suffers a tragedy. But it was so much more than a sad family drama. It turned out to be a mystery with a shocking and heart-wrenching twist that made me want to re-read it as soon as I was done for clues that I had missed the first time through.

It is the story of 17-year-old Cadence, who spent many great summers with her cousins on her family’s island. When she was 15, she suffered a terrible accident that left her with crippling migraines and a Swiss cheese memory. When she is finally allowed to return to the island after two years, she reconnects with her cousins and slowly pieces together the lost details of her accident. What she discovers is unexpected and devastating. It was nothing like the theories I had to started to come up with while reading, and it haunted me when I closed the book.

If you like mysteries, especially psychological ones that keep you guessing, check this one out. At 240 pages, I found it to be a quick read that I did not want to put down.