Where Do I Belong? – Clubs at Hanover High

There is an incredible range of clubs here at Hanover High School,  truly  something out there for everyone. But if you don’t know where to look, worry no more! Here is a complete list of clubs here at HHS! As you read on, I hope you’ll be able to connect with a club you like.

Art Club
Do you like to paint, draw, or simply unleash your wild creativity? Do you want to connect with other students who also love art? If so, art club is the club for you! Art club meets with Mr. Crawford in room 108 once a week and the room is always filled with young artists at all levels of expertise, gathered in an environment where they can bring their art dreams alive. Stop by anytime and find the inspiration to create something amazing!

Chess Club
Do you enjoy playing chess? Are you interested in the game of chess and want to try your hand at it? If you’ve ever been curious about chess, whether you consider yourself a beginner or an advanced player, drop by the club and join a welcoming environment where you can play chess with those who truly know how to play! The club is advised by Mr. Plummer and meets on Fridays in the auditorium.

Debate Club
Do you like the art of persuasive speech? How about arguing topics that are relevant to today’s society? Do you want to improve your abilities in public speaking and self confidence? If so, consider joining the debate club! Debate club meets every week and is a comfortable atmosphere where students learn to nurture and flourish their talents for debate and argument. The club is advised by Ms. Pavao, and if you have questions, feel free to contact her!

Diversity Club
Do you want to help promote tolerance throughout Hanover High School? Are you interested in joining a club that discusses ideas that have a huge impact on our society? If so, definitely join diversity club. The club prides itself on raising awareness of important events such as the day of silence, and also discussing relevant political and social issues worldwide. Meetings occur each Thursday and you can contact club president Lindsay Glover with any questions about involvement.

Fashion Club

Fashion Club Display Case
Fashion Club Display Case

Do you love haute couture, shopping for the latest styles or browsing fashion magazines? If so, the Fashion Club is for you. The club meets every other week in room 110. Members talk about trends and are planning to feature a best dressed teacher each month in the window they host near the library. They are also organizing a fashion show in March with more than 25 teacher models and town participants and vendors from Newbury Street and around the South Shore. For more information, see Mrs. Curley or seniors Bruna DaCosta and Hayley Martin.

Green Team
Are you looking for an easy way to help out the school and the environment? Do you enjoy being able to create a greener planet and better school atmosphere? Or are you even just looking for a simple way to pick up a handful of community service hours? Then Green Team is the club for you! Every Wednesday, the team disperses and spends a brief amount of time collecting recycling bins from all over the school and dumping the contents into the large recycling dumpster. Joining Green Team is taking a small step toward a big difference! If interested, meet in the guidance office after school on any Wednesday!

Junior Rotary Club
8662336773_7910f6010a_zDo you enjoy helping others, both in the community and internationally? Have you ever wanted to take part in creating an original fundraiser or community service project? In that case, check out the Junior Rotary Club! As the junior division of the Tri-Town rotary club, Junior Rotary Club involves planning and participating in community service events and helping people locally and globally. JRC meets Mondays after school in room 317. You can contact Mrs. Aborn or junior Mike Meads with questions about involvement.

Lemonade Stand
Do you like putting smiles on the faces of people everywhere? Are you interested in getting opportunities to help those in need? If so, check out Lemonade Stand, a club of students who strive to make people happy by visiting sick patients at hospitals, donating time to nursing homes, spending time with children going through chemotherapy, and more! If you’re interested in getting involved, contact Kate Joy or Hannah Thurston.

Literary Magazine
Do you have a passion for writing? Do you wish there was a place where you could anonymously post poetry and short stories? Or are you even just looking for a place where you can unleash your creative energy? Well LitMag is the club for you! LitMag involves little commitment, only a few short meetings a year. Other than that, students post poems, stories, and more on the club’s website, hanoverlitmag.com. Check out the site  or speak to junior Angela Mirisola, senior David Raab, or Mrs. McHugh for more info.

Math Team
Are you interested in math? Are you looking for a way to connect with others who have a knack for numbers like you? If so, consider joining the math team! Students from all grades and levels of math are accepted, whether you take geometry, algebra, pre-calc, or calculus! Math team meets every Tuesday night in room 218, and is advised by Dr. Defranzo. Senior Captains are David Raab and Megan Scribner.

Movie Riffing Club
Riffing Club Poster
Do you enjoy poking fun at bad movies? Do you love sarcasm and humor? Are you interested in criticizing film? If so, join the movie riffing club! The club has a good time laughing at bad movies every Thursday after school in room 222. Contact junior Linnea Martin with any further questions.

News Club
Do you want to try your hand at journalism? Do you want to get your OWN articles published right here on hhsindian.com? Are you interested in documenting student life, and also pressing issues in today’s society, just like a real newspaper? In that case, join News Club! Meetings are held on either Wednesdays or Thursdays after school in the “News Room” adjoining the library, and every week students have a chance to sign up and publish new articles about the latest news in both the school community and greater society. We are always looking for new writers, artists, and photographers to join! Contact senior David Raab, junior Andrea Bilton, or Mrs. McHugh with questions.

Robotics Club
Have you ever wanted to build a robot? Do you want to see what entering a robot competition is like? Do you like futuristic technology or computer programming? In that case, check out the robotics club! Students meet every Tuesday to build robots and program them using C code. Right now, students are also assembling a brand new 3D printer. Contact Mrs. Borgeson with questions.

Do you want to be a “student against destructive decisions”? In that case, join SADD! Students meet weekly to discuss heavy topics that have an influence on students’ life and behavior. If you are interested in becoming a part of such an important conversation about how to prevent the dreadful decisions that take a toll on student life, see Mrs. Rapalje-Fitzgerald for more information.

Student Council

Courtesy of Lauren Murray
StuCo at last year’s Mass. Association of Student Councils conference. Courtesy of Lauren Murray

Do you want to get involved in important decisions made regarding student life at HHS? Are you interested in student government or strengthening leadership qualities? Do you want to simply be part of an upbeat, welcoming group of people and take advantage of many opportunities involving school spirit and Hanover pride? In that case, definitely attend a student council meeting. Student council meets about twice a month on weeknights, and they discuss and plan events occurring in the school and also get involved in a vast array of community service projects. Student council is an easy way to always know what’s going on at HHS, and have a hand in planning events and dances that occur each year. Contact Mr. Hegarty or Mr. Centorino with any questions.

Do you want to help create everlasting memories for students at HHS? Do you like photography or designing page layouts? In that case, consider joining the yearbook committee. Yearbook meets every Wednesday and makes decisions involving the annual yearbook. The club is constantly looking for new members, especially those who like to take pictures and capture student memories as they happen. Contact Mrs. McCusker or Mrs. Coates with questions!

One thought on “Where Do I Belong? – Clubs at Hanover High”

  1. The amount of clubs and activities Hanover has is really one of my favorite things about our school. There really is something for everyone. All the people I know at least participate in one club or activity.


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