Question: Did you go to Homecoming? Should there be more dances?


Emily Hennessy, junior

Yes, I went to homecoming. I am a part of student council and we work on those types of things, like dances and what not, and it would definitely be a cool idea to have more dances at our school, and I think many people would like to have more too.


Lauren Murray, senior

I went to homecoming and I’ve been to prom as a junior, but even now as a senior it would be a lot of fun for our school to put on more dances for sure. I would definitely attend.


Lauren Bilton, sophomore

Yes, I went and it was my first one! Our school should definitely take into consideration possibly having more dances. I feel like a lot of people would be interested and want to go.


Stephen Pallotta, senior

I did go to homecoming and it is my last one as a senior! It would be really fun if our school tried to have another dance in the future.


Bridget O’Leary, sophomore

I went to homecoming this year and it was fun. Hanover High should look into doing more dances or think about it.

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