Spreading Optimism through Halls of HHS

One of the hallmarks of a “21st century curriculum” (a favorite buzzword of administration) is the idea of interacting with the outside world in the process of completing coursework. The internet is supposed to give rise to a new collaborative spirit in the halls right here at HHS. Mr. Molloy’s psychology class is taking that concept to a whole new level with their participation in the nationwide “Write It Forward” project. In a nutshell, “Write it Forward” is an extension of the common chain letter but with a twist. Students have to write a positive letter thanking someone for the impact they’ve made on their own lives. It’s supposed to be handwritten as writing something out by hand is supposed to be more heartfelt.

The twist is that the person who receives the letter is supposed to write a letter of their own to a person who has had a big impact on their lives. Thus it becomes a chain letter in a classic sense. Eventually, if the system works, the letter makes it backs to right where it started: Hanover High School. Mr. Molloy’s project has already received several returned letters and gotten a lot of positive feedback on the program!

As of right now, the project has been a great success. People from all 50 states have visited the class website (writeitforward.edublogs.org). Over 100 letters have been sent as a part of their efforts. For the latest news on this project you can follow them on Twitter @writeitforwardhhs. You can also email writeitforward@hanoverschools.org or see Mr. Molloy directly.

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