Volleyball Shows Heart in Tough Season

As one of many fans attending the home games of Hanover girls volleyball, I can say that their lackluster record of 4-16 doesn’t reflect the hard work and skill in each game. Not to mention the incredible team work and effort from every girl as well.

Captains Katie Hussey, Maranda Grant, and Emily Lawrence led the team in a strong effort each game. The varsity team was mainly made up of juniors, so the team expects to be really competitive next year. Additionally, the junior varsity and freshmen teams were strong as well this year. Annika Rowland, a junior on varsity,  shared that some of her favorite moments were when she personally felt on the court the team working together and the aspects of the game were flowing in such a way that, “everything felt right.”

Emily Hennessy, also a junior, and recently elected Captain of the 2015 season (Congrats!) alongside Melanie Armstrong, reflects that one of her favorite memories was her ace in the first win the team made of the season, which also was the winning move in the game. Not only was this an overwhelming moment for her, but it also was for the team. The JV and freshmen teams also had success this year.

Morgan Lundin, a freshman, said, “I enjoyed how everyone was so kind and accepting, and that was a key point to all wins this season.”


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