Candidates with Negative Ads Lose My Vote

Campaign ads are irrelevant but you can’t avoid them no matter how hard you try. It’s like that kid that confidently shouts the wrong answer every day in class. No matter how hard you try to ignore them, they seep into your life. Half the time they spout false information. Did you know that Nancy Pelosi is a Nazi? Nazi Pelosi? Obviously they’re not this extreme but they are more often than not incredibly inaccurate. The point of these ads should be to spread information about the candidate featured in the ad. Instead, the ads use slander, propaganda, and vicious lies to make their favored candidate look better. How mature that the people empowered to change our way of life act like schoolyard children who are angry at each other. Oh wait, no, that’s horrible actually.

This isn’t a recent insurgence of ignorant info, this has been happening since the advent of campaign ads, which accompanied the rise of television. It seems people find it easier to paint others in a negative light rather than just say the true facts of how they want to change things.  As Election Day on Nov. 4 approached, the ads never stopped, ever. Nonstop I was told how bad Charlie Baker and Martha Coakley are as candidates for governor. EVERY SINGLE SECOND. With both people being portrayed as evil, big-business loving, heartless monsters, why would I want to vote for either? People become desensitized to the over-saturation of these two politicians that no one really cares or wants to take the time to figure out who they feel strongly about.

It’s not limited to the governor’s race, either. Every campaign, no matter where in the country, big or small, reverts to this trash talking. Time magazine and other media have compiled long lists of the bad, worst, and cheesiest ads circulating this election season. (Google it)

An easy way to fix this would be to, I don’t know maybe, TELL THE TRUTH. People want the truth, not some fabrications, and it is ludicrous to think that this is what our politicians are presenting to us. I have the right to vote since I’m 18 but both Coakley and Baker are children in my eyes, unable to settle things rationally and instead reverting to the behavior of apes, throwing #$%&#$ at each other and hoping it sticks.

So, to Charlie Baker and Martha Coakley, you both lost my vote.


One thought on “Candidates with Negative Ads Lose My Vote”

  1. I agree that voters get ad fatigue and get turned off from a candidate because of negative ads, or too many robo-calls to their home. If candidates could be more honest about their achievements, instead of trying to make themselves look the lesser of two evils by knocking their opponent, I might be more receptive to their message.


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