Jam Quest Hoops: Basketball for a Cause

Do you remember what you were doing in the eighth grade? Probably spending most of your time playing Call of Duty or Facebook.  I know I was.  Standing apart from this group was Nick Schoff, brother of HHS senior Mackenzie Schoff, who created Jam Quest Hoops as an eighth grader in 2007.  Jam Quest is a threjamqueste-on-three basketball tournament that raises money to help the impoverished orphans of Kenya.  With a mission “to bring faith, hope and love to kids in need around the world through the care and service of young athletes,”  the organization has raised over $50,000 to help countless Kenyan children.  They have also spoken at over 5,000 middle schools and high schools across the country in order to  inspire another generation of leaders to accomplish feats like this.

In Kenya, 700 children are orphaned every day.  A third of them lose parents due to AIDS. Also, 12-15 percent of homes in Kenya are run by an orphaned sibling.  Thanks to the work of Nick Schoff and hundreds of volunteers, we are given an opportunity to do something about this.  By playing in this tournament, you can join this movement that has truly changed the lives of those in need.  Not to mention the fact that you get the chance to show off some basketball skills.

It has been clear in the past couple weeks that Hanover pride is the strongest ever this year.  (If you won’t take my word for it, check out our spirit week photo gallery.)  We have given spirit weeks, rallies and tourney games our absolute all.  Let’s carry this energy into this basketball tournament on November 15, and show everyone the capacity Hanover High has to help others.

What: 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament To Help Kids in Poverty in Kenya, Africa

When: Saturday, November 15th, 6pm to 9pm

Age Brackets: 12-15, 16-18, 18+

Cost: $20 per person (includes wristband and t-shirt)

Check Out The JamQuest Hoops Website For More Information:


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