Literary Magazine Publishes First Edition of Year

The Indian, for those who did not know, has a sister publication right here at HHS in the Literary Magazine. The main difference in the two publications is their focus area. The Indian focuses more on events going on in and around HHS, along with the ever looming goal of capturing the experience of the HHS student. On the other hand, Lit Mag provides a forum for any student to publish creative work. Short stories, poems, and even artwork are welcome to be published. Similar to the newspaper, Lit Mag is a predominantly online publication ( It accepts submissions all year from all HHS students. You either sign up for an account on the site or email your submissions directly to

Two or three times year, Lit Mag’s President (senior David Raab) and Vice President (junior Angela Mirisola) compile online submissions into a paper edition. The first edition was just released to coincide with the Thanksgiving holiday. You’ll find it around school and you can also download it by clicking this link. We are always looking for more authors and the editors promise to include one submission from each author in the next edition. The next edition won’t be released until Spring so you have plenty of time to get submissions in.

Lit Mag also holds infrequent meetings throughout the year. Be sure to come on down and we will more than happily show you how to get going!

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