The Law is Not Your Enemy

I respect the enforcers of the law immensely. Everyday they go out into this crumbling world and face the chance of death. Nothing is certain in their field. People are insane, and anything can happen. At least soldiers know that they face the gamble of death because they are in a war zone. But considering that the world has become  a place  with bombs blowing up civilian buildings and bullets shattering the silence of locker-filled hallways, we are living in a war zone, and that hurts to say. What hurts even more is our generation’s unwarranted hatred for police.

We hate them because they are doing their jobs. Why? Committing a crime is illegal, correct? Just because you feel it shouldn’t be, doesn’t mean it isn’t. That is just plain selfish. We know this is true but, as kid, we don’t like to admit defeat. But because police cuff, arrest, and book people for doing stupid things, the people who get nailed hate them. Those people then spread their dislike and it spreads to other people and, suddenly, an army of youths hate the men and women with badges.

I did as well until I sat down and thought for a second. Someone asked me, “Why do you dislike the cops since you seem so impassioned about it?” and I didn’t have an answer. That’s one of the few times where public opinion had influenced me so much that I didn’t have a real thought of my own. Of course there are cops who could be a bit kinder. But it’s hard to be nice when the people you deal with are equally hostile. If you do something stupid, you will be punished. Get it through your head. If you are going to do something bad, do it right and don’t get caught.

What’s worse is that the cops we see prominently on the news are  the trash that abuse their powers because they can. They are weak and do not deserve a badge; they deserve the cuffs they place on others. I have no idea if Micheal Brown’s death was justified. There are too many variables and too many loose ends. Regardless, his death doesn’t justify looting and  rioting. If people were truly angry about his death, then there would be no plundering and burning cars, there would be love and mourning in the streets. Some use these opportunities to push their own agendas, and they don’t even have a badge.

Eric Garner was murdered. There are no ifs, ands or buts, the man was choked to death on the street while being recorded and screaming “I can’t breath.” He didn’t get up from that choke hold, nor would he ever get up again. Was there ever any punishment for the officer who killed him? No. Does this mean that all officers are ruthless meatheads who get away with murder? Of course not. Yet because of this man’s actions, people believe that all cops are like this. We always remember the bad because it burns and hurts, which are stronger feelings than good. It pains me to say but it’s true.

What I’m trying to say not only applies to the boys in blue, but to everyone as a whole. We must keep the bad in our minds but we can not let it control us. Cops help people every single day they’re on duty. Some have risked their lives for the safety of the people so keep that in mind next time you feel like a big boy and call a cop a pig. Not only do you look like a tool, but you have no idea what that officer has been through.

Cops are not here to hurt us. But many feel they are here to hurt cops. Just this Saturday, two New York City cops were executed by a man “avenging” Gardner. What point or twisted justice do these murders serve? Absolutely none.

We live in a world where because one idiot screws up, all in that group are punished. We see one in a group as representing everyone: cops, whites, blacks, Asians. Grouping is a sin that people commit all the time and it must end. Do not hate cops because others told you too, do not hate cops because one cowers behind his mark for strength, do not hate cops. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “The Law is Not Your Enemy”

  1. I really like the point you make how judging in the world has really gotten out of hand. Everyone groups people together by their race or their actions. Its a sad thing to say but its true, were quick to judge and quick to act, just not in the good sense.


  2. i agree, i think this hatred towards cops is just wrong. These people sacrifice their daily lives every day for the public’s safety and in return they are disrespected, threatened for doing their jobs and some have recently even been killed just for doing there job as the protectors of society.what they do in their jobs is not based off of race or any other kind of discrimination, it is based off of people facing a punishment for their bad decisions.These are sick and scary times that make me doubt humanity.


  3. I think that the job of being a cop is getting more and more dangerous because of certain groups of people who wern’t at the place where the crime took place and the time it happened.


  4. i agree completely, some can be jerks even when you arnt doing anything wrong but they are initially just trying to do their jobs.


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