Swim Teams Having a Great Season

The winter swim season has been successful for both boys and girls teams up to this point. The boys have earned 6 wins and 3 losses, while the girls are 4-6. The key contributors for boys have been Nick Jones, Aidan Wright, Will Deboer, Shawn Doolin, and Eddie Geswell. On the girls side, Jodie O’Connor, Jillian Locke, Mackenzie Shoff, Ashlee Leslie, and Molly McCarthy have turned in solid performances. The boys standout wins were versus Hingham, Middleboro, Quincy, and Silver Lake (Senior Night). Girls had a big sweep of Quincy and North Quincy.

In terms of the postseason, Nick Jones and Aidan Wright made states in multiple events.  Jodie O’Connor is the only girl to make states, and has qualified for multiple events.

According to Senior Joe Ferrarini, the key to their success has been teamwork. “Though we had some major star swimmers on our team, if we did not have 2nd’s, 3rd’s, and 4th’s every meet, we would have not have won many of the meets that we did,” he said.

The swim season goes by quickly, but it isn’t over yet.  This year’s seniors have been instrumental in leading the team to its winning ways. Senior boys Geswell, Doolin, Adam Hayes, Ferrarini, Joey Pensoneault, and Thomas O’Connor lead a deep team. For the girls, Shoff, Locke, Amanda Schell, and Elisa Sandonato do the same for their resilient team. They’ll make the teams end their seasons on a competitive and a winning note.

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