American Horror Story: Come one, come all! Watch the bodies fall!

*Warning: this review contains spoilers, you have been warned*

Once again, American Horror Story was able to bring all the creepiness and bloodshed that makes this show horrifyingly amazing. Be amazed by Elsa’s Cabinet of Curiosities, one of the last remaining freak shows located in Jupiter, Florida in 1950.

The cast performances were as strong as ever. Jessica Lange is again some kind of insane but dazzling whirlwind as Elsa. Elsa runs the freak show, calling herself “the mother of her babies.” She rescues the freaks from destitution and institutions, but her main focus is to receive fame and praise from her own singing performance. My only complaint is that her accent wasn’t the best, and it was hard to understand her at some points. Kathy Bates brought her southern charm and was an awesome fit for the show. She played the bearded lady, Ethel. In a way, she was the voice of reason for the freak show, kind and loyal. I got so upset when she was killed, especially because it was over a slight misunderstanding.

Evan Peters was by far the most impressive, with his character Jimmy Darling, Ethel’s son, who went through a roller coaster of emotions this season. From wanting freaks to have equality among normal people, to meeting his long-gone father to dealing with the death of his mother and the betrayal of the possible love of his life, Maggie (Emma Roberts). But in the end he gets together with the twins, Bette and Dot (Sarah Paulson), so in a way it works out for him.

My favorite actor of this season was definitely Finn Wittrock, who plays the psycho selfish brat Dandy. He gets the award for having the most temper tantrums and killing the most people. Lastly, I wish Neil Patrick Harris was in more episodes than the final few. I loved his character of a psychotic man who murdered his wife while also having a disturbing obsession with his ventriloquist’s dummy.

Aside from the acting, the stories told were creepy but amazing. There is a reason the show airs at 10 p.m. It instantly grabbed me when Twisty the clown appeared. I will never understand the people who don’t find clowns terrifying because I would never want Twisty a mile close to me. Followed by a ghost with two faces who claimed a freak by the end of Halloween night. I wasn’t a huge fan of the con-artists who killed a couple of freaks to sell the bodies to a freak museum. But during the finale, when the freaks took matters into their own hands and Dandy went on a freak murdering rampage, I was on the edge of my seat.

I will admit it wasn’t my favorite season – that will always be the first season, Murder House –  but this comes to a close second. I highly recommend spending a weekend binge watching the season. Though it may turn you off at first because you’re unaccustomed to its unabashed weirdness, Freak Show still brings the thrills and drama every good story needs.

One thought on “American Horror Story: Come one, come all! Watch the bodies fall!”

  1. I agree that this season’s cast was amazing, but I can’t say that it was even comparable to Murder House either, but a close tie to Coven. I was hooked the first six episodes, but after they killed off Twisty the Clown I felt that the story went downhill, with not much of a good plot. It was still a decent season, with great themes about the monsters inside us rather than the show’s regular themes of the supernatural, and an awesome collision with Asylum (and Lily Rabe!) I overall did like it and look forward to the next season, hoping it’ll be better than this one.


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