Senioritis Hits Halls of HHS

Seniors only have about 3 more months of school before Senior Week and the activities leading up to graduation. Those three months will fly by in the blink of an eye. Before we all know it, we will be processing onto the turf field one last time to receive our diplomas. Summer will fly by and most of us will be heading off to college before we even realize what has hit us.

For that reason, I encourage all the seniors (definitely myself included) to finish out senior year at least strongly as they started it, if not stronger. It’s all too easy to become lazy and complacent when the end is so close in sight. It becomes even easier when we haven’t had a full week of school in weeks due to unprecedented snowfall this winter. Seriously, we just broke a 70-day record for snowfall in the Boston area in about half as many days. I pity the underclassmen who are going to be in school until the end of June. At least the high school will be best building to be in because we at least have a functioning HVAC system, most of the time.

Yet I’ve already started to see the inevitable laziness and complacency begin to creep into the social fabric right here at HHS. Let’s be honest, if you asked any senior how much homework they’ve actually done for their classes, it would be an insanely low amount. You very quickly learn which classes require you to put in effort and then put in the bare minimum needed. Trust me, I may or may not be guilty of the same tendencies myself.

Ultimately, while it so easy to throw away your last few months here at HHS, I would you encourage you not to. The only person who you end up hurting in the long run is yourself. Once foisted into the responsibilities of the real world, high school will probably seem as if it was the easiest time of our lives. Why not enjoy it while it lasts?

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