Students, Teachers Strut their Stuff at Fashion Show

Let’s get one thing clear: I like picking out new clothes and looking nice just as much as the next person, but high fashion is definitely not my forte. So when I signed up to walk as a model in the Fashion Club’s yearly show, I was a bit apprehensive. Anyone who knows seniors Haley Martin and Bruna Dacosta (or even sees them in the halls, for that matter) is well aware that they are a fashion force to be reckoned with. Haley was awarded Most Unique Stye and Bruna claimed Best Dressed in this year’s senior superlatives. No surprise there, these girls founded Hanover High School’s Fashion Club their junior year and already had one wildly successful fashion show under their belt. I had no doubt that they would pull off another fantastic show . . . my only worry was making it down the runway in one piece!

Fashion Show HHS 2015 009
Mr. Perry shows off a unique tux.

As I prepared for the show Saturday, I quickly learned that the models came in a  wide range of age and experience. Some girls, along with many of the hair and makeup experts, hailed from Hanover’s Fashion Focus program. Fashion Focus is a modeling and finishing agency owned by the emcee of the show, Maria Wood. Some of us weren’t so seasoned in the fashion show life, however, and some of these faces may look more familiar to

Mrs. Gately
Mrs. Gately looking fab, as usual.

the average HHS student. Mr. Perry, Mr. Hopkins, Mrs. Curley, Ms. Fay, Mrs. Abban, Mrs. Gately, Mrs. Boyle, Mrs. Emerson, Mr. Sousa, Mrs. Curtis, Mrs. Fraser and Mrs. Gallagher from guidance agreed to strut their stuff for the catwalk. Mr. Paquette and Mr. Galligan stole the show, and we even got to meet mini Emersons, Coates, Pereiras, Dhomees, Abbans, Curtises, McHugh and Paquettes (that’s right . . . who knew Mr. Paquette had such adorable kids?!).  Haley and Bruna managed to show off all of the clothing and accessories that had been donated for the night by local boutiques, including Olivia Rose and No Rest for Bridget for children, Habit and Ku De Ta for juniors, and Tuxedo Time and Lyn Evans for the adults.

Mrs. Curley, ceramics teacher or supermodel?!
Mrs. Curley, ceramics teacher or supermodel?!

The doors opened at 5:00 pm sharp for pop-up shopping with the boutiques which were represented in the show, mocktails, and cupcakes. As viewers were happily chatting away, the real excitement was going on backstage. Models had been at the school for hours, prepping for their minute-long debut. The first stop was to pick up the outfit we would actually be wearing and cross our fingers as we tried it on for size. Back into real clothes for hair and makeup, which took place in the band and fitness rooms, respectively. Hair was done by a mix of professionals and students alike, but every person who left the room was completely transformed. The theme of the show was bohemian, so styles included braids, long curls, and messy up-dos. Makeup artists similarly went with an artistic approach and tried to match outfit and face. Finally, outfits and finishing touches were pulled together and the show was ready to begin at 6 pm.

The younger kids took the catwalk first, navigating the series of

Mrs. Emerson with daughters Eloise and Tess
Mrs. Emerson with daughters Eloise and Tess

twists, turns, and poses much better than myself. Juniors were next, and went in categories by store. I loved seeing the skill everyone had and watching them come to life when the lights were turned on them! The adults were probably the funniest to watch. I never expected to see the man who teaches me poetry strutting down the runway in a bright orange cheetah tie! Anyone who has been listening to the announcements lately is probably dying to hear about the Ms. Fay versus Mrs. Abban style

Ms. Fay
Ms. Fay owning the catwalk.

showdown. Both ladies looked absolutely amazing and fully embraced their time to shine. However, although Mrs. Abban walked with the poise and grace of a true model, I’ve got to give this one to Ms. Fay. From her posing in the Egyptian at the beginning to her sassy moves on the platform, no one could compete with the ‘tude she pulled off.  Other highlights included Mr. Perry with a salmon pocket hanky, two hockey players walking out their coach’s son, and Ms. (soon to be Mrs.) Pavao and fiance ending the show as a boho bride and groom.

All proceeds from the show went to a scholarship for girls just like Haley and Bruna who love fashion and want to pursue it as a career. After being a part of their show and witnessing them in action, I know that after graduating this year Haley and Bruna will no doubt find success. An when they do, I know I’ll be in the front row of their fashion shows!


3 thoughts on “Students, Teachers Strut their Stuff at Fashion Show”

  1. I heard it was an awesome show, I wish I came to watch! Congratulations on putting together a great show though!!


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