Top 5 Area Bakeries to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Sometimes I think instead of having only one sweet tooth, both rows of my teeth are infused with sugar (surprisingly I’ve had no cavities  . . . yet). From cupcakes to brownies, I love them all. Basically the key to my heart is a cupcake, specifically red velvet. I’m the person that people who work in bakeries despise because not only do I poke and touch the glass, but also can never decide what to get because I’m engrossed in a world of precious treasures. After traveling from town to town in a quest for the best bakery, I’ve made up a list of the top 5 best bakeries nearby that every lover of sweets needs to visit.  Also I’m curious to know what’s your favorite bakery, for, you know, uh . . . research. Without further delay let’s begin before my mouth
starts watering.

5. Giuseppes Cakes: I’ve only recently discovered this bakery and am so glad I did. This is actually the only bakery in my list that’s in Hanover. Incredibly sweet cookies and cupcakes and they’re all so beautifully decorated. Also it’s fairly cheap considering their cupcakes are gigantic.

4. Montilio’s Baking Company: Ok even though their service isn’t the best in my opinion, if you want amazing Italian sweets, this is the place for you. There are quite a few locations, one in Braintree, Brockton and Quincy. My personal favorite is their lobster tails that they load with cream. They also are very creative when it comes to their designs, such as adorable gingerbread houses.

3. White’s Bakery: Now if you have not been to a White’s bakery, you clearly have not lived yet. But not to worry, they have three locations, one at Derby Street in Hingham, and others in Brockton and Mansfield. This bakery has such a wide range of sweets, even mini desserts which is perfect because you can have three of them but can justify it by saying “it’s ok, they’re mini.” They win the award for best tarts, the fruit tart being my favorite.

2. Greenhills Irish Bakery: I have to tip my hat to the people who work here because whenever I go into this bakery it’s always flooded with people, yet they manage to make the line move very quickly. Because it’s located in Dorchester it does take a while to get there, but it’s worth it.  If you are on the lookout for a great apple pie, this is the bakery for you. The thing I love most about this bakery is that they have amazing sweets from England that are impossible to find such as flakes.

1. Cupcake Charlie’s: As I mentioned before, I have a major addiction to cupcakes and this place satisfies any cupcake urge I get. With two locations, one in Plymouth and at Patriot Place, if you’re a cupcake addict like myself you must visit this place. With a huge selection of cupcakes to choose from, you will not be disappointed. My favorite is a tie between the peanut butter and the red velvet.
Lastly, most of their cupakes have a rich fudge center, and who doesn’t love that?


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Area Bakeries to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth”

  1. I like Pasticcini’s on Route 18 on the Weymouth/Abington line too. Great cannolis, cupcakes and tiramisu cake

    Cake in a Box on Route 18 in Bridgewater is amazing! Great flavors, huge cupcakes!


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