10 Ways to Use Leftover Halloween Candy

Every year, my family buys loads of fun-sized candy bars hoping to fill bags of little neighbors in full costume. Our plan is great, until we only get one or two trick-or-treaters. Every year it is the same: my busy street yields maybe one or two brave youngsters, but we see nothing compared to some of the bigger neighborhoods in Hanover. As a result, the leftover candy situation can get a little out of hand. Whether you have a similar problem, are trying to eliminate the temptation that the orange candy bowl presents, or are just plain tired of Reese’s cups and Hershey’s bars, here are some alternate suggestions for putting your candy to good use!

1. Freeze it!

Put all your candy (still wrapped) in a large Zip-Lock bag and stick it in the freezer. This way it will stay fresh for up to a year and can be used to top ice cream creations or added into milkshakes during any season!


2. DIY Trail Mix

Who said Halloween candy has to be bad for you?! Create your own trail mix using your favorite kind of nuts (I would recommend almonds, cashews, or peanuts), raisins or other dried fruit, pretzel sticks, and some M&Ms or crushed chocolate for a balanced snack.


3. Donate it!

Operation Gratitude organizes the shipping of thousands of pieces of candy to American troops overseas every Halloween. Log onto their website to find out where to send your candy. Just one 3 Musketeer’s bar is enough to make their day!

Image result for donate candy

4. Stuff it in a Pinata

Save your lef over candy and surprise a family member or friend who has a birthday coming up with a pinata stuffed with surprises!


5. Get Creative with Baking

Log onto Pinterest and and prepare for the baking game to be changed. How do peanut butter cup brownies sound? What about Butterfinger cheesecake? There is a world of recipes out there that only requires a few taps on your smartphone.


6. Send Some to Grandparents

If I’ve learned one thing about grandmothers in my 17 years of life, it’s that they love two things like no other: handwritten notes and sugar. Write your Nana and Pops a letter and package it up with some candy. You’ll be sure to make their day and probably set yourself up for some good Christmas presents…

7. Candy Apples

Thankfully, Halloween coincides perfectly with apple picking season. Even if you bought your apple at the store, it only takes about 10 minutes to create delicious candy apples. Heat up some caramel on a stove top, dip apple slices in half way, and sprinkle with chopped candy bars for a sweet snack.


8. Get Crafty!

Make a candy wreath by taking a foam wreath form and hot gluing wrapped candy around the form. You can store it and use the wreath as decoration for next year!


9. Decorative Cookies

Look ahead to Thanksgiving and do your best to create your own version of these adorable cookies:

10. Homemade Mocha

Bet you’ve never heard this one before: try adding a piece of chocolate to your coffee for a tasty homemade mocha treat that will wake you up in the morning!

Image result for coffee and chocolate

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