Why Does Everyone Hate Tom Brady?

After the “Deflategate” scandal and its outcome, Harris Poll released a survey of the most beloved and disliked athletes in professional sports. Lebron James was, oddly, the most beloved and also the most hated athlete. The second most hated? New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

After Deflategate, it seems like, all over social media and some TV and radio stations, people are up in arms about Brady “cheating” again, and not getting a punishment. Most people, outside of New England, have a deep dislike for Brady, one that has shown itself more and more recently. But why?

orig-22696877To us New Englanders, he’s the savior. The legend. As close to a god as a human can get. Four-time Super Bowl winner, with a supermodel wife. He’s never had any run-in with the law, which cannot be said for many other NFL players today. He’s never arrogant, always putting the team first, and buys all of his offensive linemen a gift before the playoffs.

So why do people still hate Tom Brady to the core? I have a theory: people like to hate on the consistent success of somebody other than themselves. For us in New England, we love all the success Brady has brought to us. However, with the Patriots being so successful year in and year out in the NFL, going to six Super Bowls since 2001, it’s almost like no other team has a chance. People cannot, for some reason, attribute the success of a man and his team to hard work, dedication, integrity, and skill. No, of course not, they have to blame the wins on spy cameras and deflated footballs.

So, New Englanders, we have to accept the fact that outside our beautiful region, everybody hates Tom Brady. It’s a fact. But don’t worry, they’ll be hating him for much longer, because we Patriots fans know, Tommy God will be out to win more and more championships. Let’s all go out and hate someone who is actually arrogant, cheating, and self-centered, America. Like A-Rod.

One thought on “Why Does Everyone Hate Tom Brady?”

  1. There’s a line from The Interview that sums up this line of reasoning perfectly. I think you all can guess what it is. If you haven’t seen the movie, I recommend it highly.


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