H-Town Girls Volleyball: fighting through it

Somehow we are already more than a month into school, and for some, the fall sports season. The girls volleyball team has been playing hard, one game at a time, with its eye on making the tournament.

Sitting in the stands of Rockland High School on Oct. 2, the RHS Bulldogs, our longtime rivals, had a rallying fan section equipped with all the necessary cheering and vocal power any school needs. Despite the large number of students they had, the Hanover fans that traveled to our neighboring town pushed right back with energy and cheering.

The ball flew through the air, bouncing back from each teams court, and senior Annika Rowland’s “Got it” pierced through the air as she went for the ball, the crowd and court silent after Rockland’s serve. The game was powerful, with a lot of effort  coming off both teams.

Junior Meg Raab shares a smile with coach David Jakub.
Junior Meg Raab shares a smile with coach David Jakub.

Junior Meaghan Raab played phenomenal for the Indians, smiling while being photographed with head coach David Jakub afterward. “The most important part of the game is your team. Without your team you can’t win,” Raab said. “We pulled together as a team, and we won. Coincidence? I think not.” Meaghan confirmed that her mantra on the court is to “play hard, but play smart.”

Emily Hennessy, a senior co-captain with Melanie Armstrong, had nothing but positive remarks on Friday’s fantastic match. “We all worked together and fought for every point even when we were down,” Hennessy said. “Almost every set (of the game) was won or lost by just a couple points.” Emily was not only impressed by the win itself, but also the communication and teamwork. “The Rockland match was the best match we’ve played technically and as a team.”

It was followed up by an exciting win for Hanover against Plymouth South on Monday, Oct. 5, which brought the team’s record to 7-6. With a few more wins, the team has a good chance of earning a spot in postseason play.

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