Inside Scoop: What Was Going On In The Gym?

The presence of police officers in the cafeteria and gym last Tuesday made many students at HHS curious about what was going on. We have the inside scoop! The police were here because an election was being held to fill a spot in the State Senate after the original senator, Thomas Kennedy, died. It is considered a special election because it was called to fill a seat that was unexpectedly left empty.

This was only a primary though, and it’s also only for the Democratic nomination. A primary is when voters choose a candidate to represent their party in the election. The two Democrats who faced off were Joseph Lynch and Rep. Mike Brady; results are still being tallied, according to the office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth to Massachusetts.

The winner of this primary will challenge Rep. Geoff Diehl, who is running unopposed as the Republican candidate. The final ballots for this special election will be cast on Tuesday, Nov.

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