Spirit Week, Homecoming Show HHS’ True Colors!

As students filled the gym decked out in their class colors of yellow, white, black, and blue, people screamed and chanted on Friday afternoon of October 25th. Seniors on the gym floor engaged in semi-humiliating, yet hilarious, competitions — all part of the pep rally that ended Spirit Week and geared us up for Homecoming weekend.

Student Council president Mike Meads stood looking out to the crowd announcing activities. Steph Flynn took shots on net in a shootout contest, eyes watching her careful aim and the ball’s subsequent swish through the net. Colleen Dowd and Trevor Doucette laughed with their team of senior class members during the saran wrap activity, struggling to run within the bunched up mess of four students clinched together tightly. The cheerleading team paired up with the football team, with captains Andrea Bilton and Michelle Leary leading them through a routine involving “hit the quan.” Within the 45 minute rally, people laughed and watched their fellow classmates put on quite a show.

The student council executive board was behind the planning and running of the pep rally. “The entire school participated with great enthusiasm and spirit!” said Meads. “This year’s rally and spirit week were the best the school has seen- the student and staff has unconditional love for our school.”

“It was rowdy,” addedd StuCo historian Lauren Gelly.

Leading up to the rally, students and faculty participated in the 2015 Spirit Week, carrying props, painting faces, and exchanging hair coloring sprays. Although this spirit week was cut short because of Columbus Day, the participation did not diminish. The week began with a burst of American Pride on Tuesday, the 13th. As the week continued, students were seen decked out in camouflage with face paint and camo hats galore, clad in pajamas with pillow and blanket in hand, and supporting class color day with boas dangling from shoulders and horns clutched in hands.

“The amount of participation was overwhelming and everyone had an incredible week of school spirit,” Colleen O’Neil said.

“My favorite day was definitely pajama day,” said Brennan Taylor, with Cassie Maver adding, “Spirit Week was lit.”  

To end a perfect week, students attended the homecoming football game Friday, and on Saturday, the homecoming dance. Friday night was frigid but students came out to watch Hanover beat Pembroke 48-12, and to see the senior homecoming court announced. The band played pieces of their Fantasia music selection, and when the game concluded the football boys fresh from their win gathered around the band in the stands, singing and dancing. As Michelle Leary, one of the cheerleading team captains, walked out from the field, she turned and said to me that someone should film the team going wild in song with the band, knowing it was a sight that may not ever come again.

Students left the school that night after the hometown win but returned less than 24 hours later, polished in tucked shirts and ties, clicking in heels with dresses, hair done. Homecoming has always been a traditional senior class fund raiser, bringing in revenue for the class preparing to graduate. “I thought the food was really good,” commented Ben Lee, a freshman who experienced his first homecoming, where the menu involved buffalo mac and cheese, a favorite by many.  

“Homecoming this year was a great success. We had the largest turnout in Hanover High history, with over 570 kids attending,” said Senior Class President Sarah Ryan. “This event was a major fund raiser for the senior class, and it was great to see the school come together and show their school spirit all week!”

“It truly made me proud to bleed blue and yellow,” remarked Callie Hoadley, reflecting the thoughts of many.

Spirit Week left as fast as it came. However, the essence of it, spirit, lives on through Hanover’s students and through their endeavors. We will see it throughout the whole year, not just spirit week, when the first hockey game rolls around, when girls basketball makes it to tournament, when the cast of the play has its final bow, when powderpuff rolls around, and Hanover Football runs onto to the field for the annual Thanksgiving game. The spirit will  be there when a group of students laugh together, working together as one, and when people join together to bring pride and respect to our little town. Spirit Week is legendary, but it is only one of many examples of Hanover’s strength.

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One thought on “Spirit Week, Homecoming Show HHS’ True Colors!”

  1. This was an absolute beauty. Jill you’re an amazing write and you keep on doing you!!! Next time though you should interview me and write a whole page about me!!! Thanks again
    -Love Mary


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