College Fair or Unfair?

Last week was my first experience with a college fair, an event held in the gymnasium where colleges from all over the country (but mostly from New England) set up tables explaining key details of their curriculum. Before going in, I had expected it to be something like an elementary school science fair: trifold presentations littered around seemingly at random. In this aspect, I was gladly wrong. The tables were set up with clear information as to the courses offered, tuition and other important information. The schools were also organized in alphabetical order, with the Army being right near the  door and the Ws at the back of the gym. However this was the only thing about the fair that exceeded my expectations. For such a fairly important event, I had expected an hour dedicated to walking the floor and getting a good chance to speak with the representatives of the colleges. What really happened was a slapdash of running around and collecting pamphlets upon pamphlets upon pamphlets, all within the span of about 10 minutes.

By the start of the next period, my binder was bulging with an excess of stickers and brochures. The representatives seemed to realize that they only had so much time and never stopped to talk about what their school offered. The best experience I had at a single booth was where the representative gave me a list of schools that were better than his for my chosen major (none of which were at the fair).

But, there is still hope. From the sound of it, the seniors and juniors got significantly more time to explore, which makes sense since they will be applying to college before I will. Also, the fair had been going on for a little while and the representatives were probably tired of having to explain why their college is the best choice for everyone. So ultimately it didn’t live up to my expectations, but I can see why and I’m hopeful for next year.

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