Should Sophomores Have to Take PSAT?

The 2016 PSAT has come and gone. What did people think of them?

There was definitely a negative edge in the air after the testing concluded. While some students argued that the PSAT allowed them to gain scholarships and grants, others thought it a waste of time. One argument was that since the sophomore PSAT did not count toward scholarships, they should not be mandatory for all students. However, these PSAT — like the acronym implies — were aimed to be a practice test for the SAT that most colleges require students to take. But why take it so many times? For those sophomores who did the practice given in class before the week of the PSAT, they were essentially taking a practice test for a practice test for a practice test. Understandably, a number of students didn’t like the idea.

The difficulty of the test was up for debate as well. The general consensus was that the calculator-free section in math was the hardest. With a very short time limit, and no aid in calculations, who could blame students for struggling? Despite this, some students had more trouble with other sections; while most students disliked the phrase replacement in the English portion, others struggled with the reading comprehension. In the math section, some even found the calculator problems harder than the calculator-free– but that was not as common.

The value and difficulty of the PSAT was a controversial subject — what side are you on?

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