World Series: Which Championship Drought Is Coming To An End?

No matter which team wins the World Series, one of the most unbelievable streaks in all of sports will come to an end this year. The Cleveland Indians have not won the World Series in 68 years, and the Chicago Cubs have been waiting 108. It is a matchup between perpetual underdogs, and while one will celebrate the end of a championship drought, the other will go home empty-handed one more year.

The Indians defeated the Toronto Blue Jays in 5 games to win the American League Pennant. The Indians were 7-1 going into the World Series and dominated basically every game during that run. They silenced the loud of bats of the Boston Red Sox and beat a hot Toronto team in easy fashion.  The Cubs were the favorite to win the World Series before the season started and are the champions of the National League. They had the best record in Major League Baseball this season, and if you weren’t predicting all season that the Cubs would win the World Series, you were backing another team just to be different. All year they’ve performed the best of any team and have the best roster in all of baseball.

My prediction before the series started was Chicago over Cleveland in 5 games. Cleveland has played great this postseason, overachieving and playing quite possibly the best baseball they are capable of playing. But they have not played a complete team like Chicago. In Game 1  of the World Series, Cleveland beat Chicago 6-0. Cleveland threw their ace Corey Kluber and star Andrew Miller out of the bullpen in their win. Basically everything Cleveland has, they used in their Game 1 win. Game 2 had no Kluber or Miller involved, and the Cubs won 5-1. I don’t believe there is any coincidence in that. How Cleveland is having the success they are having this postseason is beyond me. I think the Cubs are too talented of a team to lose four out of seven games to Cleveland. Chicago’s pitching staff is the best in baseball, its lineup is filled with young and veteran talent, and their bullpen has gotten progressively stronger this postseason lead by Aroldis Chapman. With the World Series being a 2-3-2 format, the next three games are at Wrigley Field. I believe that, with the way the Cubs looked in game 2 and their sheer talent, the series won’t be going back to Cleveland for a game 6.


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