French Exchange Students Visit HHS

For some, Friday the 13th can be a bad omen, but for Hanover High School, it will be an exciting opportunity to meet students from across the Atlantic. More than 20 French exchange students will be arriving to stay with families in Hanover and learn about  American culture. Later in the year, students from Hanover will get to travel to France and stay with the exchange students’ families.

This program was created in the last few years and has been well-received, having been approved by the town. The French students will visit sites like Plimouth Plantation, Salem and the city of Boston. They will also attend classes with their host students, so expect to see them in the halls the next few weeks.

The exchange is coordinated by Madame Dhomee and fellow Hanover French teachers Mrs. Youngsworth and Mrs. Greene. There are four main benefits to this program: educational, personal, historical and political traditions, and practical. All of these benefits combined turn out to be a great learning experience for all involved when it is critical for people in our world to have an understanding of others and compassion for all. 

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