2017 Homecoming

Every year, Homecoming is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year at Hanover High School. This year was no exception. The weekend of events features football, performances by the marching band and cheerleaders, a party for staff and families and,  of course, the dance.

Events kicked off with the Hanover Huddle and football game Friday night. Victor Costa and Katie Halpin were voted Homecoming King and Queen by the senior class. The football team beat Pembroke, 14-13.

Organized by the Student Council, the Saturday night dance proved to be a fun and entertaining night. The music was provided by Hanover High School’s very own, Aidan Burke. Students were able to take photos in the cafeteria against a backdrop created by Mrs. Curley’s Partnership in Art classes to celebrate Inclusion Week.  This special week, held this year to coincide with Spirit Week, focuses on making all students feel they are an important part of the school community.

All grades were able to attend the dance for a fee of $30 and all students were required to take a breathalyzer test before entering the dance. Students had a great time and had minor suggestions such as using the whole gym to have more room and to having more teachers at check-in in order to cut down the time of students waiting in  line. The wide majority of students said that they had an extremely fun night and that they can’t wait until they get to go again next year.

Photos by Mr. Steve Ryerson. You can find more, plus videos of Vox and cheerleading performances, on the Hanover Schools social media pages.

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