Prism Concert Reflects HHS’ Joy in Music

A prism is an object that has refracting surfaces that take light and sound and bounce them off one another, making it seem like you are surrounded by something beautiful. This is exactly what Mr. Wade and Mr. Harden accomplished on Thursday night with the spectacular Prism Concert!

This was the first year that the concert was held, organized as part of the district-wide Choose Presence Program that encourages students and staff to unplug from our devices and social media and connect in real life.  Mr. Harden, the band director, first witnessed this type of concert while at other districts while Mr. Wade, the choral director, experienced it while student teaching. Everyone in the room, performers and audience members alike, were captivated by each performance that took place.

Starting off with a bang, all chorus and the bands collaborated in a beautiful piece called Resonances that truly embraced the definition of a prism. With the chorus singing on the staircase and the band performing from all corners of the room, it truly made you feel embraced by the music. From there on, the night just got better!

Each time a new group would perform, they would be positioned somewhere in the auditorium that you totally wouldn’t expect! Interspersed among the performances were videos in which  students explained what music meant to them and how it made them feel happy and together with other people.

The concert definitely made you feel one with the music! Starting with the ninth grade chorale and ending with the jazz band, it definitely was a night to remember!

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