Drama Students Earn Acting Awards in Festival Hosted by HHS

Hanover High School drama students shone as they performed and hosted the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild Competition on March 3. Hundreds of students from eight schools converged on HHS for the daylong event, each performing a timed play before a panel of judges. The top three schools moved to the next round and one step closer to the state competition.

HHS students performed A Day in the Garden, written by junior John Salvucci and senior Olivia Norris. It is an original take on the biblical story of the Garden of Eden. While the METG judges did not choose the play for the next round, students Elise Falvey, Fred Trankels and Cole Fitzpatrick all won acting awards.

“There was such an exciting buzz of positivity between hundreds of teenagers who didn’t know each other previously but all shared a passion for theater,” said Humanities Director Dr. Walsh. “Hanover students were respectful and kind and represented our community and school with class.”

Parents, students and teachers volunteered throughout the day to time the plays, serve lunch and dinner, and host a dance that capped off the night.

Photos courtesy of Peggy Linn


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