Instagram Favorites: Profiles to Follow

1) @foodyfetish

Foody Fetish is a great profile to follow for all the die-hard foodies out there. With 3.1 million followers and counting, they feature videos of cutting into food, making food, and the classic most Instagrammable photos of food perfection. It’s a well-rounded feed, including all aspects of the foody world, rather than some profiles that only post videos of food being made or about certain restaurants. Foody Fetish makes your mouth water with and is definitely worth checking out. If you are into the restaurant and recipe scene, try @thisisinsiderfood for great informational videos.


2) @danceranddogs

@danceranddogs is an adorable profile that includes beautiful photos of  man’s – and woman’s – best friend. For dancers and dog lovers alike, this profile is for you. The photos range from gorgeous to sillly to downright adorable and feature some of the country’s most beautiful dancers and the most adorable puppies. Your heart will melt!



3) @amypoehlersmartgirls

@amypoehlersmartgirls is an inspiring feed. Amy Poehler is known for her work mostly in comedy. She’s famous for her roles as Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, Regina’s mom (“I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom”) in Mean Girls, her appearances on Saturday Night Live and her duos with fellow comedian Tina Fey. This site releases videos of awesome girls doing awesome things for their communities. One of my favorites is Julia, a 13-year-old who invented a gel that can fill a the hole left behind when a painful tooth is pulled. Even boys could learn from this page. Sometimes, because we are so young, it is easy for us to feel as though we don’t have a voice, but we do. This profile proves that teens and kids can make a difference and social media is a great platform for doing good.


4) @hi.ur.beautiful

@hi.ur.beautiful is a great account for diversity and body positivity. When writing this article, I wanted to stay away from feeds full of models with impossibly perfect bodies, because that’s part of the reason that social media can be such a negative place. We look at a photo and we compare ourselves to it, which isn’t right. Many images are touched up, and those that aren’t often feature people who spend every day getting in shape and looking beautiful. But are they as happy as they could be? Probably not. This page is great if you’re ever feeling bad about your body.


5) @old_disney755

If you ever find yourself reminiscing about your Disney Channel days, this account is for you. They post videos and scenes from the golden age of the Disney Channel and it really makes you miss the days when you were a little kid. Who remembers watching Wizards of Waverly Place,That’s So Raven and Hannah Montana? I miss those shows so much. Do you?


6) @marvel

I saved the best for last. Marvel studios is downright awesome. Whether you’re into the comics, the movies or both, just do yourself a favor and follow this account. In the Marvel universe, one of my favorite characters is the Scarlet Witch, an opinion that may be unpopular with other fans. I also love the Guardians of the Galaxy movies; both had amazing soundtracks. If you have no idea what I’m saying, hit the follow button and reserve a weekend for a Marvel movie marathon. Scratch that, you better reserve a whole week!


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