Get in the Spirit for Homecoming!

By Ben Freedman, ’25

Staff Writer

Hello Hanover High School students! This is Ben Freedman from The Hawk to inform you on everything you need to know about this year’s Homecoming.

Spirit Week will be held at HHS Oct. 18-Oct. 22, capped off by the Homecoming football game on Friday night and the Dance on Saturday. The Student Council and Senior Class officers have organized a week of fun with the following theme days:

  • Monday: America Monday
  • Tuesday: Hawaiian Day
  • Wednesday: Western Wednesday
  • Thursday: Outsiders Day:
    • Dress as a Greaser or a Soc from S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders
  • Friday: Class Color Day:
    • Freshmen – yellow
    • Sophomores – white
    • Juniors – black
    • Seniors – blue

During 7th period Friday afternoon, students will gather on the football field for our first pep rally since COVID. Students from different classes will compete in games during the pep rally for fun and bragging rights. That night, the Hawks will take on rival Pembroke for what’s sure to be an exciting football game. Kickoff is 7 pm, and during half time, the Homecoming Court will be crowned. It will also be Senior Night for football, cheer and band. Make sure to be there!

The Dance will be held from 6-9 pm in the HHS cafeteria and courtyard. Tickets are $40 and will be on sale Monday, Oct. 18; they will not be sold at the door. Dinner will be in the cafeteria and dancing will be outside.

Now I’m sure that the number one thing students and parents are thinking about is whether we will have to wear masks. Yes, masks will be required for every HHS student attending the dance. Most students probably feel irritated by the mask mandate, but if everyone does a good job during the dance, it will help ensure we are able to have other events for students this year.

I wanted to go over a couple of points that students and parents are probably wondering about. The first is food. The food served at the Homecoming dance is still being decided, but it is usually a buffet where students can grab what they want when they want it and sit in the cafeteria to eat. Second is dates. You’re not allowed to bring people from other towns or schools, so most students go with a group of friends. Third is the dress code. Students should wear business casual clothing, which means gentlemen should wear slacks or khakis with a dress shirt or a blouse, and for ladies, the ideal attire would be a dress or skirt.

The Student Council and Senior Class officers have been planning Homecoming festivities since the summer and encourage students to take part. You only have so many opportunities in high school to meet people and get involved. As a freshman myself, something I like to keep in mind is to get involved because I only have four years of high school, and if I miss out on opportunities I know I cannot get them back. The same goes for any other student at HHS. 

Featured Picture: Homecoming Court 2019

One thought on “Get in the Spirit for Homecoming!”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this article! I loved the upbeat tone of the article and the summary of the events. I agree with the part about how it was a successful spirit week and how there were great levels of participation. Additionally, I loved seeing the slideshow of pictures in the middle. It was really neat to see all of the different spirit day outfits.


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