Class of 2022: Friendships, Faculty will be Missed

By Norah Kelley, ’24

Staff Writer

Graduating from high school means going in a different direction from the people and friends that you have grown up with. It can be a scary step, but HHS seniors are excited for new opportunities. While they start planning for the next chapter of their lives, many are going to miss their high school experience, and the memories they have made will remain throughout their lives. 

Most of all, the Class of 2022 is going to miss being with their friends every day. 

“It’s easy to make friends when we’re all required to be at the same place,” said Anna Bucchianeri. “I think sometimes we take this for granted.”

Emma Talbot called it “the sense of home.” Jordan Kennedy said it’s “feeling like you know everybody even if you aren’t friends with them.”

Michael Losordo will always remember “having lunch with my best friends and joking around the table.”

Seniors will not only miss the friendships from within their class, they have also built strong bonds with younger students through sports, music, and all the clubs offered at HHS.  

“I will miss my underclassman friends and the community that the music wing provides,” said Karen Bell. 

Joe Campo echoed that. “Going to the band room before and after school was a notable part of my day because there was always someone in there to start a conversation with,” he said. “Now, whether they were supposed to be in another class during that time, I don’t know, but if I had a study, the band room was the place I’d go.”

For Bella Kelley, camaraderie and comfort came from the Unified Sports Team, which she participated in since freshman year. “This was my absolute favorite part of high school and I love all the friendships and memories I have made,” she said.

Preston Miller will miss the rugby team most of all. Ray Tschudy has great memories from cross country and track, and attending home games for other sports. 

Many students will miss the influential teachers they had in their four years at HHS. Abby Jones and Jack O’Callaghan called their teachers “amazing.” Dan Leskow said his were “incredible” and “helped me get where I am today.” Nora Dailey, Jack Rynning and Robbie Barrett singled out Mrs. “Momma” Pereira for having a big impact on their lives.

In addition to the teachers, class president Jamie Parry said what he’ll miss most about HHS is “the cookies.”

Whatever their plans are after graduation, the Class of 2022 will carry their experience and memories with them. The halls of HHS will definitely not be the same without them.

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