Class of 2022: Looking Back at the Highlight Reel

By Abby Van Duyn, ’24

Staff Writer

As seniors near the end of their high school careers, they can’t help but look back on the memories they’ve made. Friends, sports, teachers and class trips are among the highlights named by students who responded to The Hawk’s Class of 2022 survey.

Spirit Week stands out for Bridget Sellon and Jack Johnston. Abby Jones added that last fall’s pep rally out on the turf was one of her favorite memories.

For Molly McGlame, it’s “any school dance or sporting events. I love having these memories of being with my grade and school.” 

Anna Bucchianeri will never forget “the family we have created in the music department.” Several students in band, chorus and drama echoed the sentiment, with Joe Campo saying he “enjoyed every minute of it.” Zach Lawit loved playing with the band at football games, and both he and Carsten Schwarz have great memories of the band’s trip to Williamsburg, Va. For Lauren Casey, Karen Bell and Rose Giordani, the best memories came from Drama Club.

Sports offered many highlights, especially the boys hockey state championship at TD Garden. Lauren Salvas loved her two years on varsity volleyball, and teammate Emma Talbot called senior night “very meaningful.” Reilly Laubenstein will treasure her swim and cross country seasons, as will Gianna Rizzo with soccer. Willow DiGravio cited cheerleading senior night as her favorite memory. Michael Losordo loved “taking the bus to sporting events, specifically baseball, with a huge speaker and snacks for the team.” Jack Rynning is proud of winning the Patriot League in golf his sophomore year.

Classes and teachers were the best memories of some students. Breanna Thomas loved her Partnership in Art classes, and Preston Miller cited his freshman Ceramics 1 class. For Jackson Coughlin, it was engineering. Ben Manning will never forget AP World History, with “Mr. Perry walking in saying ‘Me and Ben are royalists’ and talking with me about The Crown.

Some students will never forget how the pandemic impacted high school. Caden Chadwick loved “reading outside during COVID times.” Nora Dailey will remember “online school at home.” For others, the easing of restrictions, including the hybrid schedule, was their favorite thing. “The end of the 2020-2021 school year just had a fun vibe as people were finally able to be back together and spend time outside in the nice weather,” said Brayden Scott. 

Field trips also stood out. For Dan Leskow, it was the Peru trip during February vacation. Gillian Mastrocola loved her French class trip to Quebec. Duncan MacDougall enjoyed the senior trip to Harvard Square. 

Allie Fiske’s highlight was unique. It was “when I brought my chicken in,” she said.

Some students couldn’t pick just one thing. “It was literally every day I got to spend with my friends,” said Cullen Gardner said. Jack O’Callaghan will never forget the “lots of good laughs.”

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