CLASS OF 2023: Seniors Soar to New Heights

By Abbey Kinzel, ’23

Staff Writer

As a senior, I have made some of my best memories during my years at HHS. Some are the most insanely funny things I’ve ever done or heard of in my life. If you asked me for one of the highlights, I would say taking part in this year’s Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild Drama Fest and making it to the semifinals. Members of the Class of 2023 who replied to The Hawk survey shared their favorite classes, teachers, milestones and moments from the last four years. Some were amazing achievements, while others were the joyful but ordinary days with friends. One thing they all had in common: these memories won’t soon be forgotten.

“Sophomore year Mr. Perry’s class” – Annika Corrick

“Our playoff football game vs Walpole in fall 2022” – Ben Hickey

“The Friday Night Lights, senior activities, Senior Sunrise, and hanging out with my friends” – Bree Cole

“All of my time involved in the music department” –  Cassie Lopes

“The people I met throughout the years” – Emma Anctil

“Fun Fridays with Ms. Mathisen” – Jay Champagne

“Being on the field hockey team” – MaryKate Vermette

“Spirit Week and the pep rallies” – Morgan Ceurvels

“Getting caught sleeping in Mr. Picardi’s zoom sophomore year” – Pat Jones

“Puzzling and Cedar St. Cafe in the library” – Sophie Rathgeber

“Senior year Italy trip run by Mr. Perry” – Teddy McCrann

“Lacrosse” – Matt Connerty

“Spamalot the Musical junior year” – Kaya Bianculli

“Winning the state championship in hockey last year” – Liam Monahan

“Hanging out in the morning with my friends” – Evelyn Hallaren 

“The marine science class’ trip to the aquarium” – Harper Seelye

“Being on the basketball team and getting an ‘and-one’ on senior night” – Danny Tawa  

“The 2022 boys hockey championship at TD Garden” – Joe Clasby

“Winning states in soccer” – anonymous

“First period study senior year – we had munchkins and got no work done” – Sarah MacDonald

“Junior Year rugby” – Seth Willoughby

“Mask breaks” – Luke Segalla

“Mr. Turocy’s stories and Mr. Molloy’s BAM” – Ethan Nosek

“Every time I got the giggles when we were supposed to be quiet” – David Quinlan

“Being part of chorus” – Amanda Tannuzzo

“Lax team my junior year” – Henry Gorbey

“Getting the silly goofies with the lads in school” – Dennis Sacco

“Going to the TD Garden for boys hockey” – Devin Benjamin

“Mask breaks, especially in the spring after AP exam season” – Jake Faghan

“Prom!” – Kathryn Shields

“Spirit Week and the Pep Rally” – Mike DeMayo

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