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Women’s US Open Had Plenty of Iconic Moments

By Paulina Leskow, ’24

Staff Writer

The US Open is a hardcourt tennis tournament that is held every August in Queens, New York, serving as the final Grand Slam event of the year. It follows the Australian Open in January, the French Open in May, and Wimbledon in June. While each tournament is packed full of excitement for tennis fans, the 2022 Women’s US Open was a rollercoaster of emotions. Serena Williams played her last tournament, with the crowd roaring in support and honoring her incredible career. In addition, Ons Jabeur received a much higher ranking in the world of professional tennis players despite a tough loss, and Iga Swiatek set history as the first Polish woman to win the US Open. 

Anticipation for the US Open was high when Serena announced in early August that the tournament would be her last before retiring. Serena, 41, began her career at age 14, winning her first US Open in 1999 when she was just 17. Since then, she has won the US Open another five times and claimed 17 other Grand Slam titles. She also won four Olympic gold medals. Talk about an amazing career! The crowds roared for Serena as she stepped on the court, expecting to be finished in the first round due to age and injuries; however, Serena made it to the third round of the tournament, playing well but unable to defeat Aija Tomljanovic from Australia. The world of tennis lost an amazing player, a number 1-ranked professional for 319 weeks who, with her sister Venus, has transformed the game. But it will be exciting to see what Serena has in store for her future.

While Serena was making history, Ons Jabeur also had quite the tournament. Ons is one of the greatest tennis players to come out of Africa, specifically Tunisia, and without a doubt she will continue to make her country proud with her amazing play. Jabeur made it all the way to the finals of the US Open, but fell short of the title. Despite her loss, Ons increased her professional ranking from number 5 at the start of the tournament to number two after the final. She is loved around the world for her varied game and dropshots as well as her attitude, being very open to the fans, the media, and other players. 

The player who ended Jabeur’s title hopes and was crowned champion of the US Open was Iga Swiatek of Poland. At just 21 years old, Iga has won three other Grand Slam titles. This tournament was not easy for Iga. She had a lot of tough games leading up to the final, but was able to persevere and take the trophy home. The number one player also made history for her nation as the first Polish tennis player to ever win the US Open. Iga is only getting started on her tennis career, and the next few years of tennis will be greatly impacted by her amazing performance. 


Clubs Forge Connections on Fields, in Classrooms, in Hearts

By Norah Kelley, ’24

Staff Writer

As a junior, I have been part of many different clubs and activities at Hanover High School. It has been fun to try out everything that I can, including writing for the newspaper and acting with the Drama Club, but the most influential part of my high school experience has been Unified Sports and Friendship Connection. These connected clubs promote the interaction of peer students with those in POST and RISE, the district’s special education programs for teens with severe disabilities.

RISE, or Reaching Independence through Support and Education, helps enrolled students build independence in academics, life skills and communications. Some students work with their teacher and paraprofessionals in a substantially separate classroom while attending elective classes with their peers. Others attend General Education classes for part of the day. POST partners with Bridgewater State  University to serve students 18-22 years old, focusing on skills to help with the transition from high school to adult life.

Since 7th grade, I have been a part of Unified Sports at Hanover High School. Being a peer in this club has been an amazing experience because all the students involved are wonderful people, always willing and excited to play. Three Thursdays a month, the group has practice for the sport of the season, which is soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, and kickball in the spring. These practices prepare us for games against Unified Teams from other schools or games against the HHS staff. On the remaining Thursday of each month, most of the Unified teammates gather for Friendship Connection, where we play games indoors and do crafts. Many of the crafts are presents for staff in the school or put on display for students and visitors to see. 

Our first soccer game of the season will be on Oct. 20 on the Hanover Middle School soccer field. Fans are welcome to watch, and students are always encouraged to come play with us! The joy on players’ faces when they make a pass or score a goal is sure to bring a smile to all who watch.

To me, Unified has built so many meaningful relationships and connections with other students in our school. I feel like I have made a connection with all the students involved that has grown each time I come to practice. I am always so happy whenever I see anyone involved with this club, either in the halls at school or at our practices and meetings, and I can tell that the students, peers and teachers are always happy to see me. I’m so grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of it for so many years. It’s the thing that I look forward to the most. No matter what has happened throughout the week, I always know that Unified and Friendship Connection will put me in an amazing mood. 

Unified and Friendship Connection are always welcoming new peer members and would love to have more people join these clubs. If you are interested, practices are Thursdays from 2:30-3:30 pm, and we meet near the HHS media room. You can also contact HHS Spanish teacher Allyson Gately, who advises the clubs with Mrs. Janet Mann. The clubs hold a special place in her heart, Mrs. Gately says, “because “lifelong friendships are made.”

“The POST and RISE students bring the peer students so much joy, and vice versa,” Mrs. Gately adds. “It’s a beautiful thing to experience.”

Photos courtesy of Mrs. Gately and Mrs. Mann