Netflix Series Shines Spotlight on Familiar, Yet Misunderstood Character

By Norah Kelley, ’24

Staff Writer

* Spoilers Ahead*

Everyone’s favorite outcast. Around since 1938, in her own creepy way, she has held the hearts of millions of people. The Addams Family, despite their strangeness, is seen as comforting and showcases the love in a family. The whole family is shown as doing typical things, but in a weird and creepy way. As a little girl, Wednesday Addams had some different habits from other girls her age. One of her favorite activities was pranking her brother in a not-so-normal way, doing things like putting him in an electric chair. Their relationship looks much different than the typical brother-sister relationship. 

The comics, TV shows, and movies all portray the same spooky family, but in the Netflix show, Wednesday, the audience focuses on the daughter of the family. She does not change her mysterious ways as she makes her way through the show. But instead of being the villain that the people in her school have made her out to be, she is the hero who saves Nevermore.  

Wednesday Addams is sent to Nevermore Academy, a school for outcasts with different powers, but she is still treated like an outsider. Along with the original characters that people have become familiar with, including Thing (the hand with a mind of its own), there is the introduction of new characters to form a connection with: Enid, a werewolf; Xavier, a psychic; Bianca, a siren; and Tyler, a normie, or so we think. 

Wednesday develops different relationships with all these characters, some good, some bad, and some deceiving. Many people who watched this show were shocked when the love interest, Tyler, turned out to be the monster (called a hyde) who was killing outcasts and normies around the town. Plot twist.  

From the first episode I watched, I was hooked. The way that Tim Burton directed this show, I felt as if I could connect with all the characters. This murder mystery story allowed the audience to figure out who was the killer (I figured it out before the reveal, while still getting invested in the friendships and relationships that Wednesday was developing). For someone who is not a huge fan of horror or creepy shows, I found this Netflix original had the right amount of spookiness that many audiences will find enjoyable. 

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