Pitch Perfect 2: Movie Review

It’s fair to say we missed the Bellas and the rest of the cast of Pitch Perfect when they were gone. This past Friday, however, the sequel was released in theaters and pleased fans with a new soundtrack, new faces, and more Fat Amy.

Sequels tend to be given a bad rap for not measuring up to the original, particularly if the original was universally well-liked. So, it’s always with some apprehension that the viewers prepare themselves for the second movie. In fact, the true measure of the quality of a filmmaker seems to depend on how well their second production turns out.

But the producers of Pitch Perfect 2 skillfully created a brand new plot which added to the original storyline, rather than taking away from it. Anna Kendrick returned to her role as Beca, this time a senior at Barden University. It’s the last year for the Barden Bellas, an all-girls a capella group, so the pressure’s on when they’re suspended from singing opportunities after Fat Amy accidentally bares all on stage. It’s the last wish of the Bellas to redeem themselves by winning the worldwide singing competition. However, they’re faced with some tough German rivalry—an a cappella group who call themselves Das Sound Machine. Through adversity, the girls are able to remember who they are and reestablish their harmony, which ultimately allows them to become the world champions.

Although this movie is filled with tongue-in-cheek comedy and left the audience laughing at every moment, it also taught a valuable lesson on the importance of knowing the people who you are working with and also letting them know who you are. This is a repeated theme from the first film, where Beca had a problem with pushing people away. Luckily for the Barden Bellas, they figure it out just in time to remember their roots and harmonize perfectly, wowing the fictional audience as well as the theater viewers.

Pitch Perfect 2 also offered a fresh new soundtrack of cover songs, just as catchy and uniquely done as the first movie’s soundtrack. Included in the mix were songs by Miley Cyrus, MIKA, Pitbull, Carrie Underwood, and even Elvis Presley.

Exciting, goofy, but still forcing you to keep your eyes on the screen, Pitch Perfect 2 made sure everyone leaving had one thing on their mind—when is Pitch Perfect 3 coming out?

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