This is Not the End!

So, here I am. Last day of classes, last day of caring, last true day of high school. High school, oh what a time. Seven hours a day with hundreds of other kids in the same position as me, confused. We’re confused why we’re here, what we’re doing, the whole point of it all. Confusion can sometimes lead to anger and I felt plenty of that during my stay here. But I’m older now, and a lot smarter. I know to not look back in anger at this place. The amount of good and growth this school has shown me and offered me far outweighs the bad.

When I first stepped in here I was afraid. I was afraid because I didn’t know who I was or what was going to happen. I’m still afraid because I don’t know what’s going to happen. But I know who I am now and so does most of the school. I don’t show it, but I am very sad about leaving this place. I have made so many friends with both students and staff, and leaving them seems painful to me. I don’t care about the grades or the elite clubs. I care about the connections I’ve made with people because those mean more to me than any test grade ever could. I need others to be alive, what I mean by that is without people to entertain, I’m hollow. I like making people emote or have a reaction and what better place to do this than a place where those things are frowned upon. Being different is not bad, emotion and reaction are not bad. As much as you may feel that standing out even a little is bad, it’s not. I’ve done so much by standing out and I wouldn’t be who I am without embracing the part of me that’s weird. You guys helped me do that and for that I am infinitely thankful.

This isn’t that profound or groundbreaking and I know that maybe I just felt this necessary to make Mrs. McHugh happy that I wrote another article, or so that people will see me as a writer and not just a goon. The truth is, I’m writing this because I’m going to miss you all so much, my friends, my teachers, and I have trouble showing such emotion so this is my way of letting it all out. Truly, I’m a little choked up writing this at the moment, but I need to, and I also need to say that I love all you guys, really. So this is it, the last sentence, last long-winded article, last goodbye . . . thank you.

One thought on “This is Not the End!”

  1. We’ll miss you, Eric! You’ve been a great part of The Indian this year — if not its heart, then definitely its funny bone.


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