Black Friday: Worth the Hype?

Once a year, after a long day of stuffing your face with food, watching football with your family, and being thankful for everything you already have, people all over America head to the mall to trample strangers for sales on things they don’t need. This day is what we all know to be BLACK FRIDAY. Malls and stores prepare months and weeks in advance for this one day of craziness.

Shopping malls, department stores, and plazas unlock their doors in the wee hours to let in crowds of people hyped up on coffee and Red Bull. Although most of the stores and malls don’t open until midnight or even 1 in the morning, that doesn’t stop people from heading to the mall halfway through Thanksgiving day. Some people bring tents, sleeping bags, food, and anything else they might need just so they can go early and be the first in line for a store.

Jarvis Johnson from Arizona has camped out for Black Friday sales every year for the past eight years, but this year took it to extreme when he basically set up a temporary house next to a Best Buy. He began waiting in line for post-Thanksgiving sales the Sunday before Thanksgiving day. He was on Fox 10 News as the “Black Friday Shopper getting an early start”  and he gave them a brief tour of his crib. Right outside the door to Best Buy was his huge tent with a heater, a large flat screen TV, a microwave, a full-size bed, and a refrigerator.

You might think he’s crazy, but more than six people in Los Angeles also stood outside of Best Buy nearly a week before Black Friday. These people may make you wonder exactly how good the deals and sales must be. However, studies have shown that nearly a third of items “on sale” on Black Friday are actually more expensive than usual. So if you still wish to shop in the hustle and bustle of black Friday, so be it. Just keep in mind that maybe not everything is as good a deal as you may think.

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