John Logan Talks to Hanover Students about Magic

Being a magician is not much different from being an entrepreneur, New England Patriots magician John Logan told Hanover High School students in a presentation Dec. 19. Logan, who graduated from Hanover High School in 2012, has since accomplished impressive feats such as earning a degree from Bryant University, publishing a book called “The Perfect Illusion: Life,” and developing his many skills performing magic.

During his time on stage, Logan related the role of the magician to the role that each Hanover student will one day take on– that of thinking like an entrepreneur. Both the magician and the entrepreneur must think of solutions to problems, share their ideas with an audience, and revise their ideas based on feedback. Regardless of the career that students will pursue, Logan explained that all of these skills are important to successful problem solving.
In order to illustrate his point, Logan performed magic tricks demonstrating the steps in the process of developing an idea. By starting with a simple trick and ending with a trick that involved many variables, Logan showed how an idea can be revised and expanded.

One of the first tricks that Logan performed was a card trick, calling a student up to the stage to select a card from a deck and correctly guessing the one card that she had chosen. By the end of the show, Logan’s tricks showed how to both involve the audience and use many different factors to perform an elaborate trick. Logan’s last trick was the most complex, using the input of over five students. First, he called up two students to the stage and asked for a digit in each of their phone passwords. Logan then asked several volunteers in the audience to call out their birth dates. Finally, Logan asked the students on stage to compute the phone digit and birth date numbers in a designated way, resulting finally in the number 121917– the exact day of Logan’s performance on December 19, 2017.

One of the most incredible tricks that Logan performed involved his seemingly magical ability to guess the first word on a random page in a lengthy book. First, Logan asked one student in the audience to take a book of her choice. He then asked another student to randomly select a page number for the first student to flip to in the book. After the first student saw the first word on the selected page, Logan then tried to guess what it could be by observing the first student’s body language. He observed clues such as whether she moved right or left and asked her questions about her various personal preferences, such as her celebrity crush. Miraculously, Logan arrived at the correct word with this information alone.

Like all magicians, John Logan never explained exactly how he was able to perform his tricks. However, throughout his performance Logan stressed one unifying point that holds for magic and life in general. He explained that in order to think creatively, it is important to remind oneself that what seems impossible may well be possible. He expressed that though it may have seemed impossible to know the destination of an airplane flying overhead just 10 years ago, it is now possible to know this information in a matter of seconds with Siri. In the same way, Logan’s tricks may have seemed impossible but are in fact feasible. Both inventions like Siri and convincing magic tricks begin with one idea and are developed step-by-step into something that once seemed unimaginable. Relating magic to entrepreneurship and creative thinking, Logan was able to teach Hanover students about solving future problems of all kinds.

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