Senior Issue: Athletes, Fans Share Special Experience

By Andrew Carroll

Growing up in Hanover, a town with 14,000 people, everyone seems to know what’s happening on any given day. During the fall, Friday night under the lights is the place to be. Hundreds of fans show up to the High School to watch an event that brings the community together. That’s the first thing that makes sports here in Hanover special: the support from our community.

Nowhere was this more evident than during the 2016 season, when the HHS football team had a stellar season and went on to win the Super Bowl for the first time in 40 years. As a member of that team, it was one of the greatest squads I have ever been a part of in my life.  While on the run to the Super Bowl, we played four home games and the community came together on those Friday nights in a way I will never forget. But out of all the games we played, the most special was the Super Bowl at Gillette Stadium. When we got on the buses that Saturday morning to drive down to Foxbor, hundreds of parents, students, and fans of the team showed up to the High School to send us off. It really shows how much our team meant to the town. When we got to the Stadium and looked at our fan section, nearly the entire town was there, taking up half of Gillette Stadium. People closed down their local business to come watch the game. When we won the Super Bowl, it was amazing to see the joy it brought people and how much they appreciated what we did for the town. Hanover sports teams have won four State Championships since 2016, and that pride and support has followed us every season.

Winning is another thing that makes Hanover High School sports so special. When you play a sport for HHS, you are expected to win, and our teams have experienced a lot of success. Since the Super Bowl win in 2016, Hanover High has brought home championships in boys hockey, boys basketball and rugby. We’ve also had a handful of league MVPs and athletes that have surpassed 100 points in hockey and 1,000 in basketball.

The last thing that makes Sports here at Hanover special is the students, both those who play and those who come out and cheer for every game. As an athlete, I love nothing more than a packed fan section for a big playoff game in the gym. As a fan, making the drive down to Gallo to watch boys hockey is something every single student should try to experience. The fan sections show us that our classmates want to win and succeed just as badly as we do. The Hanover fan section is unlike anything I have ever been a part of. Whether it’s traveling to the Garden for hockey, Springfield for basketball or Beverly for rugby, the super fans of Hanover never fail to show up.

All of the things that make Hanover sports special can’t be found at every school. I truly believe Hanover High School is the best in the area for sports, with all the tremendous coaches we have and the drive to win from the students.

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