Senior Issue: Parting Words

“Friends come and go throughout high school but don’t be afraid to make friends with people younger or older than you”  –Bridget O’Connor

“Get involved with as many activities as you can because that’s how you meet new people”  -Aaron Boise

“Try in school all four years so your GPA stays up”  -Connor Morris

“Be friends with everyone, including people in different grades; they are the best people you will meet”  -Alyssa Wilcox

“If you are trying to play a sport in college, you need to work hard to keep your grades up and get good SAT scores”  -Aidan Henderson

“Join student council to make outside friends and build leadership skills”  -Lia Ehlers

“Attending public school is special because you get to experience everything with people you’ve known since you were six years old. Take the time to cherish all your classmates, as you will miss them dearly”  -Drew Zielinski

“Although everyone says it, I never believed it until it happened, but high school really does fly by. Take in every moment because you’ll be off to college before you know it”  -JP Landry

“Don’t take anything for granted because the four years of high school really fly by. Make the most of everything and enjoy the times you have with your friends!”  -Cammie Porzio

“Take your classes seriously, but don’t stress because it will all work out in the end”  -Dan Hamza

“Branch out; join one new club every year and start your own if you can. Also, go to as many football, hockey, and basketball games while you can” -Lauren Gelly

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