Senior Issue: Thanks for the Memories!

Do you remember the first day of freshman year? How about your favorite class in high school? By the time you graduate high school, you will all have spent over 700 days at Hanover High School. If we multiply that number by about seven hours per day, it is easy to see that all of us will leave this school with many, many memories.

As a way to commemorate the senior class’ memorable experiences at Hanover High School, I have asked several seniors to tell me their favorite memories over the past four years. Here are the responses that I received:

Eleni Kelley: “Meeting in the parking lot on the first day of senior year”

Olivia Salvas: “The French trip to Québec with Mrs. Youngworth and all the kids who made it so enjoyable!”

Morgan Whedbee: The “field trip into Boston sophomore year to see a play”

Yasmina Berkat: “A day swallowed by fatigue, caffeine no longer effective– walking to English with Mrs. Fay!” Mrs. Fay gave her students a “20-minute nap break to excite us for the rest of the day!” For Yasmina, it was a great way to “relieve stress.”

Bridget O’Connor: “Any and all topics discussed at the “Little Women” lunch table junior year. They know who they are.”

Tori Migre: “Mr. Picardi’s period one US History class sophomore year”

Mikaela Murphy: “Working crew and as an usher for school plays throughout the years”

Will Collett: “Freshman year football”

Spencer Kubicki: “My favorite memory was playing in the marching band at Gillette Stadium with the football team. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity I got to do with my best friends in support of our great team!”

Personally, my favorite memory of high school was traveling on a field trip into Boston last fall with my French class. We ate lunch at a French restaurant called Brasserie JO, where they actually served escargot (although I was too afraid to try it!). We then went to the Boston Opera House and watched the musical The Phantom of the Opera.

Though it will be sad to say our goodbyes on June 1, it is nice to have all of these memories to take with us wherever we go.

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