YEAR IN REVIEW: Students’ Best Memories

By Lexi Rynning

There were so many wonderful things that happened in 2018 and the students of Hanover High School were eager to share their fondest memories. For me, it was in May when my friends and I finally figured out to get the jukebox in my friend’s basement working. We had such a fun night playing around and discovering new songs that we had never heard before.

From beautiful vacations, new additions to the family, and fun with their friends, here is what students recalled as the highlights of the past year:

Juli C: Boston with Tim S.

Meghan C: Seeing Mamma Mia 2

Ainsley K: Driving around Scituate with friends and playing games

Alyssa M: Going to a Boston Bruins game and seeing them win 

Jill P: Team dinner for Volleyball, when Callie A. broke a lamp

Brenna F: Getting our second dog, Bauer, in May

Caleigh M: Vacation to Europe with family

Bella M: New Year’s Eve

Hope B: A trip to Boston for a friend’s birthday

Meg D: Meg C getting on the wrong train and waving from the back window

Lauren C: Meg D locking her keys in her car on senior day and having to call AAA

Caroline Z: Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea when visiting the Amalfi coast

Tim S: June 22, the last day of school, when we had the whole summer ahead of us

Beth M: Band Camp

Jake Ma: Getting a new puppy

Katie D: Going to Maine with friends

Sam H:  Going to New York with two best friends

Abby C: Going to the 5 Seconds of Summer concert with her best friends

Linnea S: Going to California

Emily T: Beating Pembroke in a volleyball match

Rachel A: Summer

Hailey M: Going to California

Eileen B: Visiting Maine with her family

Brooke M: Softball season

Alexa C: Driving around with friends and listening to music

Sawliha K: Marshfield Fair with best friends and driving around in a convertible

Julia D: New Hampshire with friends

Brendan H: Going to Ireland with family

Caleb P: Hanging out with new friends and making a Varsity soccer goal.

Hope T: Becoming friends with new classmates

Sophie P: Going to a beach on the Cape with friends for a day

Azalea M: Meeting her new boyfriend

Bridget M: Summer

James S: New Hampshire over the summer

Sarah G: Vacation to Germany

Cory W: Fourth of July in the vineyard

Alex B: Tubing with friends over the summer

Sammy S: Vacation in Aruba

Paige L: Going to the beach in Rhode Island with a friend 

Alex M:Hanging out with friends and his girlfriend

Rory J: Climbing Mt. Rainier in Washington with her sister

Ellie H: Getting her license and going to a Drake concert

Nick P: January 1 and spending time with his friends

Abi L: Going to Greece

Lily L: Going to the Cape over the summer

John S: The debut of his play “A Day in the Garden”

Una D: Band Camp

Hannah M: Going to senior prom

Jack R: Attending a Patriots game

Lauren B: Tailgating party with cousins in Alabama

Charlie C: Playing knee hockey with friends

Carter Z: The song Bottoms Up 

Lily H: Going skiing with friends

Meghan M: The graduation of her two sisters, including one in Alabama

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